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Melissa McCarthy of The Little Mermaid never set foot on the ground while filming

Big blockbusters in recent years like “Aquaman” and its sequel “Avatar” have had to develop clever workarounds for shooting underwater scenes. While crazy artists known as James Cameron never even hesitated to actually dip the camera and actors into the huge tank of water to get the desired effect, others had to resort to electric magic means other photos – namely the actual devices and working wire to simulate the weightlessness of Water. According to Melissa McCarthy, “The Little Mermaid” is no different. At one point during the press conference, the actor revealed a piece of good news that all of her scenes required her to float in the air in various poses as the villain Ursula:

“No, there isn’t […] I sometimes slide down the seashell on my back [laughs]. But I’ve never been on my feet quite literally, we’re either on the rig or there are all sorts of different miracles. […] If you’re diving, it’s a rig. If you’re shooting, it’s something else.

“But no, never on the ground. And this amazing team of dancers and stuntmen is like our fins or our legs, however you want to say. So each has their own team. me, these wonderful, glorious clothes.”

Talk about the team’s attempt to bring a live human octopus to life. One has to imagine that Halle Bailey’s experience is very similar, at least when under the sea. Acting is a dream job for many people, but sometimes it is when a particular role never requires you to stand for long hours. Naturally, the key is simply to swap your legs for fins. So easy!

“The Little Mermaid” hits theaters on May 26, 2023.

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