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Meghan King laments single parenting amid ‘revenge’ from ex

King Meghan got back with her ex-husband and the father of her three children, Jim Edmondswhen she accused him of abuse during the custody battle despite being divorced for about two years.

As a single parent of her children, the reality TV star insists she’s been through quite a lot, especially with her ex, who she describes as desperate for revenge while recently expressing frustration about her ordeal on social media.

Meghan King says she was ‘threatened’ by Jim Edmonds during detention battle

Recently, King shed light on her plight with her estranged husband while appreciating her children for the “whole reason” for her existence. ABOVE Instagramshe shared some pictures Show high spirits with kids whose faces are obscured by emojis.

In the caption, she wrote a lengthy message about how “difficult” it is to not post the faces of her children” and mentioned the challenges of being a single parent in the battle for power. “terrible” parenting. “They’re my entire reason for being: my tribe, my people and the people I’m defending by what you’re about to read,” she declared.

The reality star then continued, “Being a single parent is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Especially in this terrible situation where the other side is engulfed in vengeance.”

She added: “I’ve been beaten, yelled at, threatened, threatened and harassed with no sign of abating or an end in sight, and it’s killing my soul.” King further claims that while no one in the legal system has bothered to help her or her children, she has relied on the Instagram subscription model that has helped her healing journey.

She explains that the feature provides an avenue to “release the abuse I constantly receive without having to fix or repeat it.”

In addition, it validates her experience and serves as a “safe haven of solidarity” for those with similar experiences. The TV personality then mentions the “mom/work struggle,” which she has been able to manage so far thanks to the subscription model, as she can be with her children and still earn money. get money.

Finally, she urged fans to subscribe if they wanted to “know the truth” and thanked them for their support and love as she heals and regains her strength. Such candor prompted fans to share their stories in the comments section, with some praising King for spreading awareness of such situations.

One commenter wrote, “Pride abuse is real and devastating. I cannot imagine the abuse you have to endure. Silence is their kryptonite. Don’t react. Do not answer. Find your peace.

Meghan King at iHeartradio Music Festival - day 1

Another continued, “This is really an issue that MANY women face, and it still hasn’t been talked about enough. Parenting with a narcissist is scary, facing threats and verbal/emotional abuse.”

One fellow supporter said: “We are your safe place. We will always be. We support you. We love you. Those four things are VERY IMPORTANT. Use us. Use our hell to heal you.

Another fan praised her for “doing a great job as a mother” after noting that the entire family court system is built to “frustrate moms”.

The king’s lament comes later She is serve the detention papers for the second time which she talked about on the red carpet of an awards ceremony. When asked how she feels, she says she’s always been the best mother she can be and focuses solely on her “number one priority” – her children.

Furthermore, the 38-year-old is confident that the cases of other mothers of children with Edmond, who have had similar experiences to her, will speak for themselves. In her words, “Jim had three step-mothers to his children, and we were all going through the same thing. So I’ll let that speak for itself.

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