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McCarthy says House will pass GOP Debt Limit Bill this week


(Bloomberg) – Speaker Kevin McCarthy says the House will pass his plan to raise the $1.5 trillion debt ceiling this week, but he dodged when asked if he had secured the full 218 votes. of the Republican Party that you need or not.


“We’re going to hold a vote this week and we’re going to pass it,” McCarthy said on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”


When asked if he had the vote, McCarthy noted he had a “very small majority” margin as just five defectors could sink a bill.

“I can’t imagine anyone at our conference wanting to support Biden’s reckless spending,” he said.

McCarthy’s proposal would raise the nation’s debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion, to prevent a U.S. default until March 31, 2024 at the latest. It aims to cut 4.5 trillion dollars in spending over a decade, in part by cutting discretionary spending by $130 billion next year and capping growth to 1%.

The bill, a group of conservative measures, would relax energy regulations, end clean energy tax breaks, cancel unused Covid-19 funds and impose new work requirements on Adults without children receive Medicaid and food stamps.


As of Friday, McCarthy’s top lieutenants are seeking to lock down votes on the bill. Conference moderators have declined to commit, while conservatives are trying to add new job requirements for Medicaid recipients and Midwest lawmakers are seeking to defend the reduction. biofuel tax from being eliminated.

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McCarthy used the interview on Sunday to reiterate his argument that President Joe Biden, by refusing to hold debt-ceiling talks, is pushing the United States toward default, which could happen. out after June. Biden last week called the GOP’s plan “eccentric”.

“We are the only ones to come up with a responsible plan that will raise the debt limit,” McCarthy said. He said he wanted the bill to set the stage for negotiations on a compromise and that he was willing to raise the debt ceiling larger to avoid default next March.

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