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May gray will give way to bleak June over Memorial Day weekend

Southern California will see overcast skies and chilly temperatures this Memorial Day weekend, according to weather forecasters, dashing hopes of sunshine during the unofficial start of summer.

The National Weather Service says a persistent layer of sea is covering the area, bringing below-average temperatures and overcast skies. The clouds will linger over the weekend and into next week.

“Those sea layers and clouds are stretching across the coasts and up to the coastal slopes,” said meteorologist David Sweet of the National Weather Service office in Oxnard.

“There’s a saying about May Grey,” Sweet said. “Well, that translates to the bleak June weather.”

Weather forecasters say the morning will start to overcast through Sunday with temperatures in the mid-to-highs of 60 degrees Celsius. There could be some warming late Sunday, but the sea layer is colder than expected. will keep the temperature low.

“There’s a 20 to 40 percent chance it will be clear for a short time where the sun can shine through, but otherwise it will be cloudy,” Sweet said.

The weather service said it is still uncertain how long the sea layer will last over the next week. The afternoons will remain cool for the next few days thanks to the cool breeze from the coast.

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