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Martin Scorsese urges Hollywood to bring indie films back to the big screen [CinemaCon 2023]

While the industry has bounced back strongly from the pandemic, smaller films are still struggling to find their footing. Outside of superheroes and horror, it’s hit or miss. But things have certainly improved, though it increasingly feels like the odds are increasingly piling up on indie films like Scorsese describes them. Going further, however, the man gave a pretty compelling reason why the industry should consider these films a long-term investment, even if they aren’t. the movie that made a lot of money right from the start:

“That’s going to make a difference to the movies you’re going to show in your theaters for years to come or so. It depends on how they see these movies and how they experience them. The focus is there. There’s a big screen, all around is black. You can’t be distracted. I have to tell you, the way it works, one of the people who saw them — even though they were 19 or 15, or 25 years old — will be artists or novelists, musicians, filmmakers in the next 10 years or so, and eventually one or two people can create the next blockbuster . […] that way, you’ll invest in the future of the cinematic experience for the benefit of all of us.”

A recent example would be this year’s unexpected micro-budget horror “Skinamarink,” from director Kyle Edward Ball. Made for just $15,000, it became a viral craze and grossed $2 million at the box office in addition to being acquired by Shudder. Good things can happen when indie films get the support they need.

“Killer of the Flower Moon” is currently set to hit theaters on October 6, 2023.

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