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Marlins advertises for Eury Pérez

Marlins informed reporters, including Craig Mish of the Miami Heraldthey are calling potential customers to pitch Eury Pérez. He will take the ball for Friday’s game. He is currently not on the 40 list and will request a corresponding move.

Both this move and Pérez himself are unique in some respects. The promotion is an active one as the right-hander only turned 20 last month and has yet to join Triple-A. That makes him unusually young for his major league debut, with JJ Cooper of the American baseball team indicates that Pérez is about to become the youngest starting pitcher in professional tournaments since Julio Urias in 2016. The pitcher himself is also unique in his size, listed as 6’8″ and 220 pounds.

Signed as an international amateur athlete by the Dominican Republic in July 2019, he was unable to make his professional debut until more than a year later since minor tournaments were cancelled. dropped out due to the pandemic in 2020. The Marlins sent him to Single-A starting in 2021 and he dominated for 15 starts there. He posted a 1.61 ERA in 56 plays, beat 36.9% of opponents while walking 9.5%, and landed at 36.4%. He was then awarded the ball in five high A-rank starts at the end of the year, scoring a 2.86 ERA on those occasions.

Going into 2022, he has been seen by many observers as one of the players with better prospects in the league, but he continues to increase his stock. Despite being just 19 years old for most of last year, he has already made 17 appearances at the Double-A level. He posted a 4.08 ERA in those matches along with a 34.1% hit rate, 8% walk rate, and 41.4% grounding rate.

Entering 2023, this young player is unanimously considered one of the most promising talents in the tournament. American baseball ranked him in 7th place overall and he was promoted to 6th place. MLB . pipeline had him in 13th place and he’s currently in the top 10. He’s 4th at FanGraphs#6 at GAME And Keith’s Law of The Athletic got him in 10th place. Reports highlight his fast ball, which he was able to not only hit triple digits but also command extremely well. Most observers agree that his swing is his best side throw, although both his slider and curved ball have received good reviews. All in all, Pérez has what it takes to be a future ace and he continues to prove it. Across six Double-A starts this year, he has a 2.32 ERA, 35.9% hit rate, 7.7% walk rate, and 51.6% ground rate.

That being said, not all leads are successful as soon as they reach the major, and that’s not to be expected for even the top names. That is especially true of Pérez due to his youth and relative inexperience. His entire professional track record includes only 186 passes at this point, including just 77 passes last year and none in Triple-A. He has yet to really test his skills against players of the tournament’s caliber and it remains to be seen how many rounds the Marlins will let him through this year. However, it will be interesting to see how this gamble pays off for them.

The club have had strong rotation for many years and felt good enough about their options so they traded Pablo López Come to Twins this winter to get Luis Arraez. However, they have had to deal with a few challenges this year, as both Trevor Rogers And Johnny Cueto is on the injury list with an uncertain return date. Jesus Luzardo having a good season so far but Sandy Alcantara not quite his Cy Young, while Braxton Garrett And Edward Cabrera have each posted average results so far.

Now Pérez will step into that mix and see how he performs, with his performance likely to have some impact on whether this is a short cup of coffee or he will. fine. Since at this point more than a month has passed, Pérez will not be able to accumulate a full year of service in the old way, even though the new collective bargaining agreement offers him a path to achieve that. A player with less than 60 days of service on two of the top 100 prospect lists at BA, MLB or ESPN will have a full year of service, regardless of how much time they spent on the list, if they finished in the lead two in the Rookie of the Year poll. Pérez was on all three of those lists and therefore qualified, but it will be a challenge to rank high due to a late start. He will compete with players like Corbin Carroll And James Outman who have had plenty of time to do banking statistics this year.

Even if he ends the school year before the one-year mark, his youth will still put him on a good trajectory. If he does well, he will almost certainly qualify as a referee as a Second Division Super player after the 2025 campaign and start moving into free agency after 2029, which will be season at his age of 26. Future optional missions could push those goals further into the future, though he could also achieve free agency after 2028 by succeeding in completing that full year as well. here in 2023.

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