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Mark Wahlberg’s 14 best movies, ranked

Back in 1996, when Wahlberg’s musical career as rapper Marky Mark was still in its infancy, he landed his breakout role in the horror film “Fear”. Instead of playing a clean All-American teen, Wahlberg instead becomes the total villain playing the ultimate bad boyfriend, the menacing David McCall, who targets Seattle high school student Nicole Walker (Reese Witherspoon). As David becomes more controlling and jealous, his behavior quickly turns murderous, with Nicole’s father, Steve (William Petersen), struggling to keep his daughter safe from her incoming boyfriend. from hell.

Wahlberg delivers the same level of intensity and unique obsession that any killer movie villain would have, making the most of a bad boy image. David’s passion for sadism makes “Fear” difficult to watch every part, more annoying than similar horror films like “Fatal Attraction” or “Basic Instinct”, but there is no denying Wahlberg has a strong appeal. “Fear” is a bit disjointed in its climax, but Wahlberg’s unwavering charisma and energy provides a clear glimpse of the actor he’s going to be and one of the rare opportunities to see him. play an outstanding villain.

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