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Maralee Nichols’ son with Tristan Thompson attacked is A ‘Poor B

Maralee Nichols just trying Motherhood memories for her son when her post was attacked by comments about Tristan Thompson.

Maralee Nichols has the right to hide her son

Maralee Nichols son with Tristan Thompson attacked as 'poor boy' without 'paternal love'

The woman who had a baby with the basketball player after getting tangled up with him enjoyed a day on the beach with her son Theo but we still haven’t seen his face. After reading the comments on the post, it makes sense.

Nichols posted a few photos and videos of her son enjoying the sand on their casual beach day. He’s wearing a lovely beige crew sweater with matching joggers and little black socks in the video, which he maneuvers while walking in the sand like a boss.

This is not easy as it seems that many adults, firmly on their feet, have trouble walking in the sand. The mother cheers for her son. in a photo, both cuddling and looking out at the setting sun. In another photo when the sun is low, the boy raises his arms to the sky, now wearing a thick coat to withstand the change of weather.

Unfortunately, the beautiful moment was challenged by hateful comments.

Tristan Thompson has taken over

Maralee Nichols son with Tristan Thompson attacked as 'poor boy' without 'paternal love'

There’s no question that Nichols has seen these comments, how could she not? Thompson is being discussed as if it were his own IG account. One follower commented: “It’s heartbreaking how tristan treats this beautiful baby.

“Poor boy, lack of fatherly love. 😢,” wrote another. “I hope this boy gets to know his other siblings!! None of them should lose for Tristan!” As you can see, Thompson is being criticized for allegedly having nothing to do with their son.

Tristan Thompson gets a lunch date at Il Pastio

The ballplayer is earning $10,000 a month to take care of his unwanted son and that’s enough for now as it doesn’t seem like he intends to spend quality time with his second child. its own so far.

Followers of Thompson’s adventures in ‘Third Trimester’ were sick of seeing the Kardashian and Jenner ladies praising him for being a good dad while he’s done some shady things related to regarding her other children.

Maralee Nichols Son With Tristan Thompson

“A Good Father is the Father of all his children. K people are hilarious when they talk about what a good dad T is like…😂 what a joke,” one follower wrote. Some followers praise Nichols for basically doing it herself in a material sense, still pocketing more monthly child support than most single parents will see in their lifetime.

“Thank god he has a mother like you thank god he will always be loved and cherished by a loving devoted mother ❤️.”

Meanwhile in Kardashian land

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson continue to show off their professional co-parenting skills while hanging out with daughter True in Los Angeles

Theo’s sister True Thompson has turned 5 years old and as expected, Theo has not been invited. The party was elaborate as usual, and some believe Nichols’ post and caption were meant to cover up Khloe Kardashian.

“Happiness 🫶🏼 it is the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary,” writes the fitness expert. Followers immediately assumed that she was speaking indirectly to the reality star and supported her accordingly.

Maralee Nichols son with tristan thompson

“I don’t understand why her little brother wasn’t invited to true’s birthday party like his brother,” exclaimed one follower.

“This child will grow up mentally healthy and happy in the natural world.”

“Whether he and Khloe like it, the baby is for Tristan Thompson. ”

Maralee Nichols Son with Tristan Thompson

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