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‘Love Is Blind’ Shayne Jansen wants fans to stop hating Irina

Fans of “Love Is Blind” must remember Shayne Jansen from season 2, as he recently re-appeared on Netflix’s “Perfect Match”.

While he doesn’t find love there either, he seems to be showing at least some degree of support for the season 4 “Love Is Blind” reality star. Irina Solomonova.

Despite expressing concern that her potential partner might not love her for her looks, Irina turned around and immediately assessed her fiance’s physical appearance as soon as she met him. – and that was after she showed some serious “bad girl” energy in the group, such as laughing at other contestants crying

Even though her colleague is a mean girl Micah Lussier issued a Apologies for her commentsIrina has turned off comments on most of her recent Instagram posts — except for one that Shayne jumped in to try to keep the peace.

Shayne Jansen asks ‘Love is Blind’ fans to stop leaving ‘terrible’ comments for Irinia Solomonova

Irina Solomonova from season 4 of Love Is Blind
Instagram | Irina Solomonova

In one Instagram in a post shared on March 20, the event organizer – who recently went through rebranding and rebranding since appearing on the show – shared four snaps she created dressed in an unbuttoned white blouse and blue jeans. She captioned the photo, “Easily put on a big smile when you’re around.”

Many users have commented to criticize her for her behavior on the show, which most of the “Love Is Blind” reality stars have come to expect. What fans didn’t expect was that Shayne Jansen, who had appeared on the show two seasons earlier, jumped into the comments to call for an end to the criticism.

Shayne Jansen from Love Is Blind season 2
Instagram | Shayne Jansen

“I know I’m going to get a lot of backlash for this. But these comments are really disgusting,” Shayne began without specifically mentioning any of the comments. “Yes, what she did was absolutely horrible. Absolutely terrible I don’t defend it. But seeing most of these comments, the hate some of you have is sad.”

He explained: “The first four episodes of my season, I couldn’t get out of bed and was extremely depressed by the hate and comments. “Just because someone messes up something can completely ruin their life? I have grown a lot and believe me I still have a lot. Sure to poke fun at some of the scenes but I find the words used sad.

“I promise you there is a better way,” he added. “No one deserves this idc what you did. She will never grow this way. Do it as you wish and I will take the heat. I love you all.”

Fans Not Sure Why Shayne Is ‘Protecting’ Irina: ‘Why would you protect a bully?’

Irina Solomonova from season 4 of Love Is Blind
Instagram | Irina Solomonova

The comment received over 3,000 likes and over 200 comments from fans, who were quick to draw a distinction between Shayne’s behavior on the show and Irina’s. Others feel that reality stars should “expect” a reaction to their behavior knowing that all of their actions – good and bad – will eventually be made public.

“You all have done these stupid things on international television, and are open to criticism. Honestly, what did you expect to happen? a user asked. “Yes you say criticism. These comments are not respectfully ‘criticism’, Shayne replied. “I am not trying to argue. Calling someone a farmer is not a criticism.”

Shayne Jansen from season 2 of "Love is blind"
Instagram | Shayne Jansen

Another user wrote: “However, what you did is not as bad as hers, I sympathize with you because you get so much hate for the little things. But this girl did a lot worse, not to say deserving of it all but there will certainly be criticism. All love though Shayne and I are sorry you’ve been struggling for a while. Shayne replied: “I respect this feedback. Thank you for an open mind and sincere conversation.

“Why would you defend a bully? You are not a bully and mean to anyone – you have problems just like everyone else and have both a good and a bad side,” another user pointed out. “This girl is really evil and malicious and honestly makes everyone who has been around someone like her and has been bullied and mistreated in the past. So why are you defending such cowardice?

“I wish you could re-read my post. Deep breath. I said I’m not defending her. At all. But what good is this,” Shayne replied. “There is a better way that we all deserve a chance to change and grow. I am a prime example.”

Shayne Jansen Reminds Fans ‘Our Parents Read This’

Irina Solomonova from season 4 of Love Is Blind
Instagram | Irina Solomonova

The response sparked a lengthy comment from the user, who replied: “There’s definitely room for growth, 100%, and I think it’s horrible the damn storm it brings when people book I get out of there like this, have to put up with it, but carry on anyway. I will say this, thank you for the reply btw.

“When I watched you, I thought you were 100% real, really just misunderstood in many ways, a very interesting, intuitive yet sensitive soul. Your growth is amazing. And inspiring,” they continued. “As you can see, people in general take hate very seriously, which is, to say the least, worrisome. They say people on TV are assholes; we are also bad people when we add fire to the fire.”

Shayne Jansen takes a selfie in bed
Instagram | Shayne Jansen

“I appreciate the thanks but I’ve been called my autism/stupid/adhd etc., whether that’s true or not, it doesn’t do any good to pay them,” Shayne replied. “And I will say this. Remember our parents read this stuff. We are not many but I promise moms will read everything. They feel it is the same as their children.

It is worth noting that Irina Solomonva ended everything with her fiance Zack Goytowski in Mexico and then went on to pursue Micah’s fiancé Paul Peden bad luck. Zack who can’t decide whether to marry Irina or Happiness Poureetezadicurrently trying to work things out with Bliss, who still feels a bit insecure about being Zack’s “second choice”.

Episode 9 of season 4 of “Love Is Blind” will be released on Netflix on Friday, April 7.

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