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Loud Bodies Launches a Full Wedding Dress Collection in 10x Size!

Spring is just around the corner and this also means that the freshness of plus size fashion is upon us! But this also means More wedding week is approaching, but this news we cannot hold back! Loud Bodies, the clothing brand founded by Patricia Luiza Blaj, just released a collection of wedding gowns in all sizes, all the way up to size 10X and we have to share this with you!

Patricia created Loud Bodies because of her desires and motivations “to demonstrate that style knows no size and to make ethically produced sustainable clothing in all sizes available to people everywhere.”


Loud Bodies includes not only size but also a sustainable and ethically produced brand that you should be aware of! Have you seen some of their work? featured on TCF and today, we’re bringing Loud Bodies to the spotlight – especially with this collection and news!

On Instagram, @loudbody share a few words, excitedly encapsulating the vibe and energy around this collection that Patricia has brought to us:

“Whether you have a partner or not does not determine who you are, not today or any other day. You are not half, there is a whole universe inside of you and anyone who can peek at your magic is very lucky.

You are the main character.

You are a rich man.

You are both the soft and strong “sex”, blending in a beautiful atmosphere that does not exclude both.

You are more important than what society expects of you, whether you fit into its miniature boxes or not.

You yourself are love. Stop accepting to be treated differently.

And start celebrating yourself every day.”

Patricia Luiza Blaj’s @loudbody

This 15 piece collection brings us variations of dresses to meet different plus size personal style needs! One thing is for sure, this collection is dreamy, whimsical, sweet and playful. If this is your vibe and style, then you must check out this Loud body Bridal collection.

Not only do we get the cotton lace details, but what’s even more curious and interesting is how these dresses are made from “softest, most dreamy, and absolute GOTS . Certified Organic CottonAnd Ecological viscose fabric. Talk about innovative and creative options in sustainable plus size bridal!

Outside of structure and style, we get a large amount of Forms, Function and Fashion! The extra benefits here are all about crafting. If you tend to run hotter than most and need fabric that breathes with you – especially on your big day, then you might seriously consider Loud Bodies. As Loud Bodies shares, “An absolute dream for anyone with sensory issues or those living in hot climates.”

We also appreciate that Loud Bodies offers custom sizing options! That’s right. If you are tall & petite or tall & tall, you have a friend in Loud Bodies: “Small? High? Atypical body? If you don’t think you fit our size or aren’t sure which size fits you best, contact us for a free consultation and order.”

You can purchase the Loud Bodies Bridal Collection right now at!

What do you think about this collection? Do you find yourself celebrating your wedding in a Loud Bodies dress?

Which dress speaks to you and your sensibilities the most? Loud Bodies is not the only indie plus size or indie size brand moving into the plus bridal sector. We will have more to share with you next month, for Plus Bridal Week!!

We’re excited to see the different movements in the plus size bridal options… aren’t we?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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