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Lord Of The Rings Online will celebrate its 16th birthday this month

long run Lord of the Rings Online The MMO just celebrated its 16th birthday on April 24, kicking off three weeks of celebrations. Players can participate by performing commemorative Scavenger Hunt and Festival Quests, as well as helping organize the largest fireworks display ever seen in Bree.

Scavenger Hunt returns from the celebratory events of years past, taking players through the entire history of the game in a massive quest sequence. If the player has started the hunt in previous years, they will be able to return to where they left off last time.

A variety of special quests are also available during the event, which can be obtained at Bree, the Methel stage, Thorin’s Gate, the Horse Race, and the Party Tree. A number of special event providers will appear throughout Middle-earth to allow players to receive anniversary gifts, including memorabilia items from previous years. You can view the complete guide to the anniversary event Thisto make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Despite its age, Lord of the Rings Online is still going strong, with future expansion plans in the works. It also hit a Top 10 years player on Steam new last year, during the game’s 15th anniversary.

ONE New expansion is planned in the second half of this year, will take players to the southern regions of Middle-earth. Several gameplay updates including a classroom refresh will also roll out throughout the year, with more seasonal events coming soon.

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