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Lindsie Chrisley criticizes Abby Lee Miller’s comments about dad

Lindsie Chrisley call out Abby Lee Miller in the opinion of the former “Dancing Mom” ​​about her father’s prison sentence.

The famous blonde beauty is Todd Chrisley’s eldest daughter with ex-wife Teresa Terry. The father and son had previously caused a stir because of their strained relationship, when they accused each other of lying and harassment.

Since then, however, the pair have resolved their differences, with the South Carolina native uniting with her siblings amid the patriarch’s imprisonment. This is why the TV personality is quick to quell Miller’s unwanted thoughts about her father.

Lindsie Chrisley Labels Abby Lee Miller Influencer To Solve Todd Chrisley Incarceration

Post by Lindsie Chrisley on her Instagram page
Instagram | Lindsie Chrisley

In the latest episode of the entertainment program “Southern Tea podcast, the mother-of-one showed no remorse in attacking Miller for discussing her father’s imprisonment. The former Dance Masters of America member publicly addressed Todd’s situation in an interview.

In a conversation with the news outlet, Miller described the “Chrisley Know Best” star as “very pompous”, claiming that the real estate mogul will face challenges adjusting to life in prison. In her words: “He won’t be able to handle, such as soap and towels.”

Additionally, Dance Company founder Abby Lee revealed that she advised Todd to “be careful” during the duo’s alleged exchange of prison life before the 54-year-old was incarcerated. . After learning about Miller’s interview, Lindsie confessed that she debated resolving the situation on her podcast.

However, the blonde beauty chose to discuss this issue because she thought the older artist had gone too far. The media personality begins by shaming the 57-year-old woman about her criminal history before reacting to Miller’s comments about her father.

“I don’t mean this in a petty way, and it will probably be a little petty, but what she did is, in my opinion, very inappropriate,” Lindsie said. on his podcast, noting that the dance coach was disgraced so he didn’t publicly discuss the private messages.

“She aired what she claimed were private communications with my father… it was a betrayal. … She should have known better. I don’t believe she would have had the courage to do this if my father hadn’t been jailed,” she added.

The reality TV star advises the older artist to use her platform more effectively instead of taking advantage of another family’s misfortune to influence. Urging Miller to “have some dignity,” Lindsie said:

“She as well as her team know that everything about my family is currently being reported. Honestly, if someone in my family farted, it would be reported… she wanted to get the press for her project.”

Abby Lee Miller at the Industry Dance Awards 2022

The South Carolina native continued: “I can assure you there is no problem with towels or soap. I want to encourage her to give back to her community… hungry for headlines.”

Ending more salty, the “Living Like Lindsie” blogger added: “I don’t like her on Dance Moms anyway. That I’m just little spaghetti.

Podcaster fears her family’s reality TV show will affect her parents’ incarceration

explosion reported that Lindsie had opened up about fear for Todd and stepmother Julie’s safety in prison. The couple received 19-year sentences for tax evasion and fraud.

On an episode of her “Southern Tea” podcast, the 33-year-old sat down with Justin Paperny, a prison consultant, to discuss prison reform. The South Carolina native explained that one of her “biggest concerns” about her parents’ imprisonment was that inmates could watch TV.

The mother-of-one asked Paperny if he thought people who watched “Chrisley Know Best” might be serving sentences in the same centers as her parents. Lindsie notes that she worries the heads of the clan will be mistreated because of their status.

Todd Chrisley & Julie Chrisley at NBCUniversal's 2014 Summer TCA Tour - Day 2

Although fans of the show happened to be at the prison locations, the entertainer raved about everyone’s warm welcome. “You know, my parents were welcomed with open arms and I feel so lucky for that,” the 33-year-old confessed.

“Because I have heard of other people reporting and that is not the case. So I feel like we’re lucky in that respect,” continued the podcaster. Lindsie also revealed that Todd has already begun to adapt to the system, noting that the entrepreneur has made new friends.

“His spirit was great,” the South Carolina native explained. “He’s just embracing the process there and getting the best out of the process there with the people who are also there serving his time.”

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