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Lewis Capaldi reveals he would give up music if his illness got worse

lovers Lewis Capaldi Songs may have to start grappling with the day when the singer is no longer releasing or performing new music. The 26-year-old recently revealed that if his Tourette syndrome got worse, he would quit the music industry for good.

He also shared that the symptoms of the disease mostly occurred when he was “making music” and that the pain he experienced varied on a daily basis. The singer’s Netflix documentary will premiere on the platform on April 5.

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‘I’ll have to pack the music’

Lewis Capaldi

Capaldi revealed that he would hang up his musical shoes if he couldn’t cope with the symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome. The “Before You Go” crooner was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome in 2022, even though he’s been experiencing these symptoms for years.

“If it got to the point where I was causing irreparable damage to myself, I would quit,” Capaldi said in an interview with The New York Times. London era. “I hate the hype, but there’s a real possibility that I’ll have to put music in.”

He added that “making music” promotes symptoms; otherwise he could go for a month without an episode. However, the singer said he didn’t mind the “strange situation”, adding that “the trade-off is worth it”.

Capaldi’s disease is known to have no cure and is accompanied by uncontrollable symptoms such as repetitive movements or unwanted sounds, described as tics.

His Tourette episodes have intensified

Lewis Capaldi Reveals He Would Quit Music If His Tourette Syndrome Gets Worse

Elsewhere in the conversation, Capaldi stated that his muscle twitches were increasing, especially during performances, but he still kept trying to keep them under control.

“I am trying to get above that. If I can’t, I’m damned,” Capaldi said. “It’s easier when I play the guitar, but I hate it. I know, I’m a walking contradiction.

One of these episodes of Tourette happened in February when the singer performed at his concert in Frankfurt, Germany.

It happened just as Capaldi was singing the last song of the night and his biggest hit, “The One You Loved,” forcing him to pause between the song and Let the audience take the lead.

The following month, he had to tell a crowd in Belfast, Northern Ireland, that they could witness him having some stages and not to panic.

“You can see me convulsing a bit here. No worries – I have Tourette. I am a good child. I’m up here; I’m fine,” he said, every Rolling stone. “I’m great; everything is fine; I just had a little convulsion.”

Lewis Capaldi on His Tourette Syndrome

Lewis Capaldi Reveals He Would Quit Music If His Tourette Syndrome Gets Worse

Last September, Capaldi opened up with fans about his Tourette illness to address questions about why he was seen having seizures in several interviews.

“I’ve always had it,” said the British singer. “The worst thing is when I get excited, I get it; when I stress, I get it; When I’m happy, I get it. It’s always like that.”

The singer noted that he feels intense pain due to the symptoms on some days, and on other days the pain subsides.

He said, “It looks much worse than it really is. It’s quite annoying sometimes… but it comes and goes.”

The 26-year-old also revealed that he had Botox injected into his shoulder to help ease the recurrence of the tics, but that the effects of the surgery “had only a slight effect”.

Lewis Capaldi .’s Netflix documentary

Capaldi will premiere his Netflix documentary, “How do I feel now?,” on April 5, covering many topics he has yet to share with the public.

“I think because I seem to be pretty open about a lot of things, whether it’s in interviews, on stage or on social media, people assume they know a lot about me and my life, But in reality, I tend to keep a lot of things private. everything for me is a matter of taste,” the singer wrote in a note shared on social media.

He also noted that he was “very nervous” about the film coming out after two and a half years of production.

However, the singer said he’s “really looking forward to sharing it with the world” and is “extremely proud of what this documentary has become.”

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