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Levi Davis’s five new questions about the 8-hour window since the X-Factor star was last seen on CCTV before ‘drowning in the sea’

It’s been six months since X-Factor star Levi Davis disappeared in Spain – and there are still puzzling questions about his mysterious disappearance.

Spanish police fear rugby star drowned in the port of Barcelona after he was last seen on CCTV leaving a pub in Las Ramblas.

Levi Davis went missing six months ago - and the mystery surrounding his disappearance


Levi Davis went missing six months ago – and the mystery surrounding his disappearanceCredit: Solent
He was seen leaving the Old Irish pub in Las Ramblas


He was seen leaving the Old Irish pub in Las Ramblas
It's been six months since Levi disappeared


It’s been six months since Levi disappearedCredit: SUPPLY

But little is known about the eight-hour period between when he was seen leaving The Old Irish Pub and when investigators suspect he was seen underwater.

The crew of a yacht liner told the police they discovered a man matched Levi’s description at sea as their ship was docked, hours after Levi was caught by CCTV.

Levi’s family is pushing for a new search in the port and surrounding areas – pending a green light from the investigating judge.

While there are still many unknown details about Levi’s disappearance, policeThe drowning theory seems to raise more questions about what happened to the beloved rugby player.

Police reveal details of hunt for X Factor star Levi after he 'drowned in port'
Mother of missing X Factor star Levi Davis breaks silence on new drowning theory

Is the domestic man Levi?

Moss d’Esquadra police the force told Levi’s Mom That’s Julie four cruise ship staff saw a person in the water, calling for help in English, at 6:30 am on October 30.

They said man The accident was wearing the same light-colored shirt as Levi.

A lifebuoy was dropped for him without success, but the search operations of police and the coast guard was later suspended because the crew could not find the body.

Investigators tell rugby player Momthat they are afraid man who was reported to have drowned on the day Levi disappeared, was her son.

However, no bodies have been found, leaving the door open to another possibility.

What happened eight hours after he was last seen on CCTV?

The talented athlete was last seen on October 29, leaving the Old Irish pub around 10pm in jeans, a white t-shirt and sneakers.

The aspiring singer is said to have watched Liverpool vs Leeds Game on television and a live singer before departure.

Sun Online tried to get my steps back IN Ibiza And Barcelona and talk to the bartender who served him that night, probably the last person to see him.

CCTV footage from the pub shows him turning left onto La Rambla.

Have you seen Levi? Email and or WhatsApp 07741005808 is free if you have any info.

His last reported sighting was at the Hard Rock Café, with police confirming he was back. La Rambla and go to the port of the city.

His phone was last called near the port within hours of being seen underwater in the early hours of October 30.

Cruise ship staff reported seeing a man into the water around 6:30 am the next morning.

If that man really Levi, what did he do in the eight hours interlaced?

And we still don’t know exactly why Levi came to Barcelona from Ibiza – he arrived in the city at 7pm before being seen alone at the Old Irish Pub three hours later.

How did he end up in the water?

And if the police suspicion is correct that Levi is the man discovered at sea, the question remains – how did he end up in the water?

And if he jumped or fell into the sea, why was his passport almost found in the port? three weeks after he went missing.

Levi’s only trace after he disappeared were documents – which were found abandoned in a busy area.

that is discovered nearly a shipment in November, almost 20 days after he went missing.

The rest of his belongings including his backpack and laptop were never found.

Why is there a delay in cruise ship information?

Although the drowning theory has been circulating for a while, this is the first time police revealed it was one of the lines of investigation.

What complicates the case even more is why information about sea visibility has not surfaced until now, six months after Levi’s disappearance.

you are devastated Mom criticized the “slow” investigation as authorities are still waiting to conduct a new search in the waters and other inaccessible areas of the port.

She told The Sun: “Why is this information about yacht Train staff only a few months later? I don’t know what to believe anymore.

“I know Spanish the police can be slow but I can’t understand the end of it.

“There are so many answers to the questions I need to know.

“It’s not fun when you ask the police questions and get very limited responses.

“They said, ‘We can’t tell you that because it would jeopardize the case.’ It’s an emotional roller coaster ride.

“The way the evidence turns out isn’t good but without the body, there’s no way to know what happened.”

What other theories are the police probing?

Mossos d’Esquadra clarified that the possibility that Levi drowned was just “one line of investigation” and others have not been ruled out.

A spokesman for the force said: “The theory that he drowned is one of the lines of investigation.

“But other lines of investigation remain open and have not been ruled out.

“We still keep in touch with Missing person the man’s family and is keeping them informed of the progress of the ongoing investigation.”

Spanish police have previously spoken of “disturbing details” that emerged during the investigation Missing person star.

Catalan police say Levi’s case has been handed over to an expert criminal unit, containing “worrisome” problems for which “no reasonable explanation”

While police have not revealed what other avenues of investigation they are investigating, the mystery of Levi’s whereabouts has fueled many theories over the six months he’s been missing.

Detectives had previously hinted that Levi may have been missing “voluntarily”.

A strange theory put forward by a private investigator hired by the family suggests that Levi is being hunted by a Somali gang for a £100,000 debt.

Julie insists her son is being blackmailed and his life is in danger.

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Levi had posted a haunting final video before he disappeared, in which he said he was being blackmailed by criminals who threatened to kill him and his family.

One thing is for sure: Levi’s disappearance remains a mystery and his loved ones are desperately searching for answers.

The police believe that Levi returned to the port after leaving the pub


The police believe that Levi returned to the port after leaving the pubCredits: Darren Fletcher
Levi's mother claims her son was blackmailed


Levi’s mother claims her son was blackmailedCredit: Paul Tonge
The sportsman was last seen leaving the Old Irish pub in Las Ramblas


The sportsman was last seen leaving the Old Irish pub in Las RamblasCredits: Darren Fletcher

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