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Lee Child devastated Roscoe won’t be in season 2

After his final visit with Roscoe Conklin in the season 1 finale, Alan Ritchson’s Reacher sits down with Malcom Goodwin’s police captain Oscar Finlay, who comments, “Roscoe isn’t easy to leave, is he? ” And it seems he’s not the only one who finds Willa Fitzgerald’s character attractive. not only do Ritchson himself wanted to move everything from the novel by having Finlay and Roscoe return for season 2, but author Lee Child himself wouldn’t mind bringing the latter back.

Speaking at a Q&A event, through Express train, Child explained how difficult it was for him to say goodbye to his own characters after completing “Killing Floor” — an experience he had to relive as the production progressed. Part 1 of the program is over. As the writer said:

“Reacher is constantly on the go and I’m sad that I’ll never see Finley or Roscoe again. I mean, literally, I almost cried at the prospect. And I felt the same way on that day. at the end of this season I wish I called it ‘Roscoe’ now, and we could have more!

According to the source, Fitzgerald joked about Child writing the book “Roscoe,” saying, “I’m just waiting for ‘Roscoe.” You teased it, and I want you to write it now.” That might not be a bad idea.Unfortunately, Child has recently moved away from his character Jack Reacher, declare he “aging” in the writing process. The recent novels in the series were co-written with his brother, Andrew Child, who will take over the series entirely in the future. This makes a Roscoe series even more unlikely.

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