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LAPD officer had part of his finger bitten off during a fight on the subway line

A Los Angeles police sergeant had part of his finger bitten off during a protest arrest at a subway station Thursday, department officials said.

Officials said the suspect in custody also suffered minor injuries after officers used force when he resisted. Both the suspect and the sergeant were taken to an area hospital for treatment; not publicly named.

In a statement, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said he was “deeply disturbed by the heinous and gruesome attack” on the sergeant and his police colleagues, who were “just progressing.” periodic patrols on the shipping route.”

“We remain committed to doing our work every day to improve the safety of the entire public transport system with dedicated patrols that engage those who pose a risk to the public,” the statement said. the safety of others”.

The incident happened around 10:15 a.m. at an unspecified Red Line station, where officers saw a man boarding the train while carrying drug paraphernalia, according to a police press release. Officers confronted the man and escorted him off the ship, the statement said. When they did, according to the statement, the man became “violent and fought with the officers,” prompting them to forcefully arrest him.

The suspect was later arrested on suspicion of causing trouble and resisting executive orders. The Times was unable to immediately verify the LAPD’s account of the incident.

Two crashing at Red Line stations in recent weeks has raised concerns about the safety of passengers on the system. The line runs between downtown and North Hollywood.

According to its annual crime report, Metro has seen a significant increase in violent crimes, with a 24% increase in serious assaults, robberies, rapes and homicides between 2021 and 2020. 2022. The Red Line has nearly twice as many violent crimes, 687, as the next line, Blue, the report said.

At the same time, the number of subway passengers has plummeted in recent years. According to Metro, total train riders increased 12% last year compared to 2021, but the estimated 57 million train riders are still far below the 93 million reported in 2019. Passenger rates Passengers on Red Line in particular are 56% compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Times staff writer Nathan Solis contributed to this report.

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