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Lakers have ended Viral TikTok Corgi’s winning streak!

The LA Lakers are over Lilo Ccorgi’s winning streak on Friday night.

after the fever TikTok corgi correctly predicted who will win games one through five between the Lakers and the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Western Conference semifinals, which is a key moment for the Lakers to ensure that the sweet puppy prediction for game six would be incorrect (because she predicted the Warriors would win).

And the Lakers got their wish!

Lilo Corgi’s correct predictions changed game 6

Corgi Lilo the dog
Aircorg – TikTok

The NBA’s favorite dog, sometimes referred to as “Steph Furry,” is on a winning streak, which has some Lakers fans nervous heading into Game 6.

Video of the corgi making each throw into one of the baskets labeled for the two teams was posted on May 1 and has received more than 8 million views and 12,000 comments. Many NBA fans left their thoughts in the comments with each correct prediction.

“Did the NBA give him the script?” one fan wrote on the video showing the pup’s prediction for the Western Conference semi-final between the Lakers and the Warriors?

After being right in the first 5 games, some people went to the comments section to talk about game 6 and how she was wrong.

“CORGI, WHAT HAPPENED,” said one follower. Another added, “This is not age appropriate. 😂”

AirCorg on Instagram
Aircorg – Instagram
Aircorg on Instagram
Aircorg – Instagram

Before the final game, the internet was flooded with jokes about protecting Lilo from Lakers fans. And after the Lakers won Game 6, jokes about LeBron James changing the script began to surface.

Some Lilo fans may have thought her owner was a Warriors fan based on her predictions, but that’s not true.

Denny Ku, the basketball boy man, posted a hilarious video a few days ago explaining how a Lakers fan felt when he learned Lilo predicted the Warriors to win the series. The jokes continued, with everyone joking about who would win the game and what would happen to the pup if she was right or wrong.

“That corgi makes us nervous 😂😂😂,” one person wrote. “Glad Corgi was wrong, but guessing right 5/6 is still crazy,” another commented.

Lilo also made predictions for the game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics, which is still going on. With the series currently drawing 3-3, Lilo predicts that the Sixers will get through this series and advance to the next round.

“PLEASE CORGI, LET THIS TRUE TODAY,” one follower wrote of the Sixers vs. Celtics on Saturday. Another added, “Put my money on 76ers for this vid.”

Lilo Corgi loves the game of basketball!

Lilo the corgi on TikTok
Aircorg – TikTok

Lilo loves basketball and also loves to predict who will win certain games. There are plenty of videos on TikTok and Instagram to prove it. And she not only bets on NBA games but also other sports.

Lilo also recently decided how she would celebrate reaching over 1.3 million followers — with a baby mug from Starbucks or 50 pieces of Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s. (She chose a baby cup.)

One follower thinks it’s time to introduce Lilo to an NBA player. “Take the corgi to meet the NBA player 😂,” one person wrote. And another thought maybe Lilo should be an NBA mascot saying, “If the Warriors win the series, petition to make him the mascot.”

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