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LA to cover expenses for LAPD volunteers who were attacked by bees

The City of Los Angeles will cover the medical expenses of a Los Angeles Police Department volunteer who was stung by a swarm of bees in Encino earlier this week, according to the LAPD.

As reported by the Los Angeles Fire Department, thousands of bees flocked to focus on the man Monday – in a shot that became a viral video this week – in the 17100 block of Adlon Road, near Encino Reservoir. Roads around the incident were closed and a beekeeper – a professional bee hunter – was called to the scene, officials said.

According to the LA Police Department, the victim, an LAPD volunteer, was called to the scene to direct traffic but was repeatedly burned as he approached a home in the area. In the aerial video captured by KTLA-TV, the uniformed volunteer can be seen waving bees as he tries to find his way to safety. He falls to the ground several times in the video, and in one fall, he hits his face in the street.

Volunteer, identified only as Gary with his son in the GoFundMe campaign site, has spent several days in the hospital and will require facial surgery. Gary has been volunteering with the LAPD for nearly 18 years, his son, identified only as Daniel K., wrote during the fundraising campaign. Initially, the fundraiser was intended to pay for Gary’s expenses that were not covered by the city, including Gary’s uniform, equipment, and medical expenses.

LAPD announced Wednesday that volunteers with LAPD has insurance through the city “that will make sure our volunteers don’t have to bear the financial burden if they get injured.”

Daniel K. confirmed in an update on GoFundMe that the city will cover all of his father’s medical-related expenses that are not covered by Medicare.

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