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Kim Kardashian criticized for alcohol brand partnership

kim kardashian is being criticized for her most recent collaboration with an alcoholic beverage brand after telling the world about her decision to stay away from alcohol.

Unsurprisingly, fans of the social media site wasted no time calling out her for a paid partnership, expressing their disapproval of her hypocritical behavior. that.

Kim Kardashian collaborates with alcohol brand despite not being able to handle alcohol

On Thursday, April 20, Kardashian Instagram to upload two steamy images of her wearing a black lacy suit and sitting majestically in an ornate room. One of the slides shows her sitting in a padded chair and partially leaning against the back table while holding a gin of Seventy One, the brand she collaborates with.

Kim Kardashian appears in alcohol advert

The media personality used her left hand to hold the triangular cap of a gin bottle on a table next to a drink tray. In the next photo, she is seen sitting cross-legged on the table but still holding a glass cup.

A chandelier can be seen above him while a bottle of gin is placed near her on a table with a tray. Choose emoji and credits, Kim captioned the post by tagging artist Mert Alas and adding a camera emoji, plus credit to Seventy One gin with a drink cup emoji.

Although more than 200k fans have enjoyed this update with likes, some have taken to the comments section to criticize the TV icon for pretending to be a gin lover with the feature. “We know you don’t drink, Kim,” one commented while a second echoed the same sentiment, writing, “Now kimmy yk u doesn’t drink.”

The third follower asked, “Wait, do you drink?” while the fourth scoffed at the collaboration, pointing out that “Kim doesn’t even drink.”

“You don’t even drink,” wrote another, jokingly, “We know you don’t drink that.” The seventh commenter exclaimed that the businesswoman is “famous for not drinking”. And an eighth Instagram user wondered, “Where’s the 818?” referring to Kim’s sister Kendall Jennerbrand of tequila.

Kim Kardashian appears in alcohol advert

The alcohol partnership may remind her followers of how she struggled to curb alcohol at the Kylie Jenner siblings’ lavish 25th birthday party in August 2022.

The incident was captured on Kylie’s Instagram Stories, showing the celebrant busy opening presents when the SKIMS founder interrupted, asking “does anyone have a photo I can take?”

The question sent cheers and cheers from the room – as the mother-of-four is a drinker – before the camera showed Kim once again, looking shy but still stunning in an orange dress and encouraged by the guests.

At the end of the video, she is seen shooting down one shot with the other invitees but that doesn’t go very well for her. The budding lawyer couldn’t handle the drink as she spat into the cocktail shortly after with an annoyed look on her face.

She struggles to speak when she struggles with the effects of alcohol. “Really…” she said, stretching as she coughed and tried to catch her breath.

Kim was called a hypocrite for a cooking advertisement

This isn’t the first time the KKW Beauty founder has been criticized for being hypocritical with the type of advertising she’s featured in. Back in November, The Blast report that fans criticize Kim for pretending like she cooks for her kids while promoting Beyond Meat vegan nuggets.

In the clip uploaded to the partnership, she mentioned her busy life as a mother and how she searched for “quick and easy options” to feed her family. his family. Unfortunately, the ad was met with negative reviews as critics accused the celebrity of suggesting she was actually taking on the household chores at her home.

A lashing fan, You can endorse almost any product BUT food and cooking. All of us. Know that you never get involved in simple household chores,” one person criticized. Another joked sarcastically: “Of course Kim cooks for the kids herself.”

“As a busy mother… I hire. A chef and a nanny… really a lot of people and then pretend I feed them these nuggets,” one person quipped. The frustrated fan asked, “What is she thinking about how she has a personal chef on duty 24/7 but she gives food advice?”

While this follower advised, “Kim please have a full time chef…. To promote nugget to reality stars on D-list 😂.”

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