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Kaley Cuoco announces new venture inspired by late Furry Pal

New mom Kaley Cuoco is embarking on a new business adventure, all thanks to her late furry pet Norman!

The talented actress became a mother of one on March 30, 2023 after welcoming her daughter to the birth of her partner. Tom PelphreyShe has had a mother dog since she was 16 when she received her first dog from her then-boyfriend as a gift.

An outspoken dog adopter and animal rights advocate, she adopted Norman in 2014, when he broke his leg, and loved him unconditionally until his death in February 2021.

Kaley Cuoco ventures into dog accessories business

The “Big Bang Theory” actress, who now has six rescue dogs named Zeus, Ruby, Shirly, King, Miss Opal, and Dump Truck, honored the memory of her late Pitbull mix by co founded a company named after him that served the needs of dogs.

Kaley Cuoco and his dog Norman

Announced exciting news to the public, she has arrived Instagram page to post a series of photos of her late furry pet along with the reasons she made such emotional decisions.

In the first image, a mixture of Pitbull and the “Hop” actress poses for the camera while lounging in Cuoco’s elegant home. While the golden bomb lay on the ground next to Norman, in contrast, the deceased dog looked at its owner lovingly.

In the following slide, the adorable couple is seen playing at Cuoco’s poolside. The producer, who seems to be enjoying time with his dog, donned black swimming trunks and hugged his dog with a green ball in his hand.

Meanwhile, in the final frame, the “Wedding Ringer” star and Norman appear to be taking a nap in bed. The new mother, dressed in black two-piece pajamas, cuddled her late furry baby.

Opening about her venture, she wrote: “Oh my gosh 🐶 I’m so excited to announce my latest adventure as the Co-Founder of @ohnorman! The unconditional love of my beloved dog Norman inspired me to create a company I’ve always wanted to see in the world.”

She explains the company’s purpose: “Created in his honor, @ohnorman is all about giving our furry friends the love and care they deserve. “

Ending sweetly, she added, “Oh, Norm, this one is for you! 🐶 follow @ohnorman to get in and see what’s coming! You don’t want to miss it!🐾🐶❤ #ohnorman #lovemydog #doglovers #dogsarefamily #adoptdontshop.”

As expected, her touching post received more than 100,000 thousand likes; However, her comments section was flooded with questions about her other pet, Shirley, whom she adopted in the mid-2010s.

Kaley Cuoco and his dog Norman

One fan wrote, “Norman is great. But so is Shirley! Speaking of Shirley… Where is she? We miss and care for her. All the newer pups are cute, but Shirley is an OG in the Cuoco house. I would love to receive an update 💜.”

Another asked, “Do I remember anything about Shirley? Where is Shirley? A third fan shared the same opinion, asking: “What happened to Shirley?! I haven’t seen her in a long time.”

Meanwhile, others praised the actress, with one cheerful fan writing: “We need more Kaley Cuocos” along with some red heart emojis. “Awwww! How lovely it is! ❤💕,” said another.

Cuoco’s new dog company comes later The mother of a person who was rescued and adopted a puppy in early March, a few weeks before the birth of her daughter. explosion shared that the “Harley Quinn” actress took to her Instagram Story to announce her and her partner’s decision to add a furry baby to their harmonious family.

Sharing a picture of her cuddling a puppy named Opal, she wrote: “We did one thing… again. Welcome Opal (the wandering girl) to our growing family.” She added, “Thank you, @deityanimalrescue and a wonderful nurturer @thisisdarragh, for bringing this angel to us.”

Obsessed with her new puppy, the dog lover attacked her fans with several clips of Ms Opal on her page. Explaining her hairy kid’s personality, she wrote on one of the clips, “She’s hilarious and has tortured every dog ​​in this house.”

The video goes on to show how the actress apologized to her other dog for the new puppy’s behavior. She said, “Leave him alone. Sorry, Dumpy. I’m so sorry; she is crazy. Meanwhile, in another clip showing Opal with their giant dog, the new mother revealed: “She’s also obsessed with her oldest brother.”


The “Cute Meet” actress also has a strong love for horses!

In addition to being a devoted dog advocate and lover, the star is quite fond of horses and has a stable of his own.

Every reportThe actress has regularly taken to social media to express her love for her more prominent animal friends.

Put in her Instagram account in 2021, when she is still with her ex-husband riding Chef Karl, the actress revealed, “I never thought I would be so obsessed with our #bigbaycity baby horse 🐴 show! I’m in love.”

She shared a selfie with her new pony, adding: “Meet Zee-Yah (another Zaza baby. My dad named it and he’s so proud of it) chatting with my husband. Me’ babe, we have so many babies; What are we going to do with them? Karl ‘ah, the idea is to sell them’ I ‘laugh haha.’

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