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Kaley Cuoco Admits ‘Not Every Day Is Perfect’ As A Mom

New mom Kaley Cuoco is opening up about some of the challenging aspects of motherhood!

Two months after welcoming her first child to her partner Tom Pelphrey and passionately talking about the joy of having her precious daughter, the actress took to the Internet to share the hard part about parenting with her fans.

Kaley Cuoco bravely shares her mother’s practical habits

While the “Big Bang Theory” actress is mostly ecstatic about spending time with her daughter, Matilda, there are days when a doting mother struggles to meet her daughter’s needs.

Kaley Cuoco Talks About Imperfect Motherhood

Revealing one of those days to her fans, the actress took to her Instagram Story to post a photo detailing what a day in a new mother’s life looks like. In the photo, Cuoco appears to be on duty as a mother as she holds the crying Matilda in her arms as she lounges in the living room of her cozy home.

The actress wore a gray t-shirt and multicolored checkered PJ pants while her little one wore a black long-sleeved shirt. Appearing in the background of the photo are her furry pets, who appear to be taking a nap as they lounge around on the couch.

Revealing her tired face and crying baby Matilda, she wrote in the caption: “Not every day is perfect”! She added a crying piglet emoji at the bottom of her post.

However, in a follow-up postThe mother-of-one revealed that some days are better than others and shared a heartwarming photo of baby Matilda looking adorable.

In an instant, the actress dressed her daughter in a baby pink two-piece outfit including a shirt and long pants.

Focusing the camera on the baby’s face, she seemed to be in a better mood as she stared at the camera without getting angry. Cuoco talked about the cute image in the caption, writing, “But most are!” add some heart emojis to the post.

Kaley Cuoco Talks About Imperfect Motherhood

While taking care of a newborn can be tough some days for Cuoco, the “Charmed” actress often claims that she doesn’t need an instruction manual or parenting book to guide her through. new mother.

The doting mom shared her opinion on parenting books while attending the John Ritter Foundation 20th Annual Fundraising in Los Angeles. Appearing on the red carpet in the cutest pink ensemble, Cuoco took the time to discuss her new life as a mother of one with a news agency.

When asked if her opinion on learning more about motherhood from parenting books has changed, she said: “Haven’t read a damn thing yet. We found ourselves in a very real situation. We are going with the flow. She told us what she wanted; that’s obvious, like one of three things.”

The “Meet Cute” actress hinted that her partner Pelphrey wasn’t afraid to share it with her either. The star pats herself on the back for killing off parenting without going the way of the book and appreciates her baby daughter for making the job so easy.

She stated, “She is great. She is amazing, and we love it. We love being at home with her. We haven’t read anything, and it’s working for us.

Regarding her daughter’s general health, she revealed: “She is 5 weeks today. Everyone is happy, everyone is good… She is thriving; she’s the best!”

The Teen’s Choice Award winner added that she’s “very obsessed” with her baby and turns out to be one of those moms who post everything their kids do on the Internet.

She said, “I have become the mom who posts all sorts of weird things. She did something, and I thought, ‘I have to post that’! Describing her first-time motherhood experience in three perfect words, she declares: “Special, exciting and crazy – but in the best way.”

Cuoco returned to the gym a month after giving birth

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey celebrate their daughter's first Easter

While the new mom is adjusting to motherhood, she seems to be balancing it very well by creating “me time” for herself.

every explosion, The California native continues her workouts to burn off the extra pounds she gained while pregnant with baby Matilda.

She took to her Instagram Story to show off her time at the gym with her fitness instructor. She retweeted a mirror selfie featuring herself and her instructor, Ryan Sorensen, along with a caption that read: “We’re back 💪💪👍 Finally”!

Pictured, the couple, ready to kick off their workout, pose in a peaceful pose and look excited to burn some calories.

Cuoco appeared sporty, wearing a white t-shirt and low-waisted black sweatpants that revealed a bit of her amazingly slim abs.

Meanwhile, Sorensen wore a gray two-piece hooded cardigan which he teamed with a black cap, white socks, and black sneakers.

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