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Jordanian man killed in shooting on Marina del Rey . highway

A 25-year-old Jordanian man killed in a suspected roadside attack in Marina Del Rey this week has been described by friends and neighbors as a music-loving surfer building his life. in Southern California.

Mohammad Khair Hani Ali Zaid AlKilany, known to his friends as Kilani, had lived for many years in the Los Angeles area and worked in real estate before being shot and killed Monday, friends said.

“He was my best friend. … He was always there to support me,” said Ash Carrillo, who used to live with Kilani and was his neighbor in Venice. He’s funny, sweet, and a real rock.”

Mr Carrillo said Kilani was in a car with a close friend near Marina del Rey on Monday afternoon when a driver interrupted them and instigated a fight. At a red light, Kilani got out of the car to talk, she said, but the other driver escalated the situation.

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office said Kilani was fatally shot in the chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Carrillo said Kilani dreamed of California when he was growing up in Jordan, where most of his family lived. She said he hadn’t come home for years as he waited for his green card.

“We are like his family here,” Carrillo said. “He has his chosen family here, that’s for sure.”

The Los Angeles Police Department has not identified a suspect and no arrests have been made. An agency spokesman said there were no updates on its investigation.

“It’s scary when there’s no suspect,” Carrillo said. “They just drove away, and they weren’t even identified. That was crazy to me.”

Dezmond Meeks, another close friend, said: “I am usually the type to forgive and forget, but no, justice needs to be done.

Meeks said he was heartbroken to lose Kilani, whom he met about five years ago at a music venue.

“He likes live music,” Meeks said. “He loves surfing. He’s a great surfer. He loves doing yoga.”

Meeks said Kilani recently received a real estate license and has worked in the restaurant industry.

He said his friend was “just honing it and trying to get it done, finding his way and finding the things that he’s passionate about.”

Kilani’s job isn’t really about money, says Carrillo, noting that he’s talked about becoming a life coach. Meeks said he talked about getting involved in artist management.

“He really is a magnet. He’s got a gift for his voice and he’s going to inspire people,” Carrillo said.

She said Kilani often talks about her hometown and her dedication to justice for the Palestinian movement.

Officials from the Jordanian embassy in the United States confirmed that his body will be brought home.

Meeks said: “He’s the kind of friend with all his friends that if you need something, he’ll be there. “I will honor his legacy.”

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