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Joker Actor Joaquin Phoenix’s next film is an NC-17 gay love story set in 1930s LA.

Joaquin Phoenix aims to push the envelope even further in a new project with Carol director Todd Haynes. The two appear to be co-writing an NC-17 gay romance that will take place in Los Angeles during the 1930s.

Haynes, who is currently promoting his film May December at the Cannes Film Festival, spoke to IndieWire about their future projects. Then he teamed up with Phoenix.

“The next movie is an original script that I developed with Joaquin Phoenix based on some of the thoughts and ideas he brought to me,” Haynes said. “We basically wrote with him as the story writer. Me, Jon Raymond, and Joaquin share credit for the story. And we hope to start shooting early next year. It’s a big hit. gay love story set in 1930s LA.”

It was Phoenix who continued to “push me further and ‘no, go further,'” Haynes added. That seems to be the reason why the film will receive unpopular and strict adult reviews. As for the point of view, Netflix’s first NC-17 movie was Blonde last yearstarring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe.

As for the Phoenix, he recently finished filming Joker 2, officially titled Joker: Folie à Deux. He co-stars in the DC sequel with Lady Gaga, with a release date set for October 4, 2024.

Phoenix can now also be seen in Beau Is A Fear, which director Ari Aster called “The Lord of the Jewish Rings.”

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