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John Wick 4’s Rina Sawwayama threw her out on the first day of practice

Rina Sawayama did a great job playing the bow and arrow instructor of the Osaka Continental, it’s hard to believe that this is her first big movie role. She doesn’t just handle love scenes between Akira and Shimazu Like a pro, her fight scenes are just as impressive as the others. Former singer turned actor explain She spent five weeks training in Berlin on how to lower the choreography — which seems like very little considering the intensity of the fight scenes.

But it seems the initial intensity was a bit overwhelming for Sawaya who came to visit “Tonight’s Show Stars Jimmy Fallon” and revealed that she fell on her back on the first day of practice:

“In the first week, they said, ‘Oh, we’re going to do some drills just to get you warmed up.’ And I think to be honest, it was the first day of training that I moved [where] you just dodge below. You’re in a squat and you just dodge […] So I threw my back out.”

Sawaya explained that she hadn’t told anyone about her injury, but it turned out that she did indeed have a pinched nerve. And despite her efforts to hide it, the actor’s posture was so lopsided after a few days that she ended up having to get treatment.

Thankfully, the injury didn’t stop her from getting the job done, which is a good thing along the way that the “John Wick: Chapter 4” credit scene finished. And even though Akira is Sawaya’s first role, she never seems to be out of place among the stars of the series, showing that she’s perfectly capable of telling her own story. That’s if Lionsgate decides to push the Akira project forward — and Sawyama’s back is fine.

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