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Jerry Springer Appears In One Of The Simpsons Best Tree Horror Episodes

Cut into an episode of “The Jerry Springer Show” in animated form with a segment titled, “My Daddy is a Space Monster.” What followed was what many of Jerry Springer’s parodies were described at the time, from “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” to the talk show host’s own movie, “Ringmaster.”

Jerry Springer voices himself in this segment, asking Homer how he feels knowing Maggie is the father of “a drooling space octopus.” The segment shows Kang stepping out to cheer and boo as he hands a bouquet of flowers to a strangely pleased Marge. Of course, it wouldn’t have been a Jerry Springer segment without Homer lashing out at Kang, punching him in the eye, and hurling profanities that needed to be censored. Kang received an insult mentioning something mysterious about an “exaggerated paraboloid” and Homer’s mother. Classic Jerry Springer stuff.

An audience member wearing a horror pink sweater featuring a poodle stood up and said she had a question for “that horrible thing, whatever it is.” Springer hilariously assumes she’s talking about Homer until she makes it clear that she’s talking about the “blue guy”. After pointing out that Kang has been absent from Maggie’s life and needs to “learn some responsibility for her green donkey”, Kang shoots her away with a pistol, and only seconds before the entire audience. plunging into oblivion.

While the idea of ​​sparking a fight on “The Jerry Springer Show” was basic parody at the time, the escalation here is what makes it stand out. After Springer tries to come up with his sensible “Last Thoughts,” ending every show long after everyone else has humiliated themselves on television, Maggie rushes to Springer and wraps her tentacles. her around his face like a face mask in “Alien”. This starts a whole new battle between Homer, Kang, and Jerry Springer, who are now shouting profanities. Even Marge swore as she lamented, “I’m so [beeping] awkward.”

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