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Jennifer Lopez opens up about her kids struggling with the limelight

Jennifer Lopez reveals one of the downsides of being famous, especially for her children.

While J.Lo, as she is affectionately known, has been in the spotlight for more than 30 years and subject to public scrutiny, she is more concerned with her children’s struggles with the limelight. The “Selena” actress has twins – Emme and Maximilian from her third marriage to Marc Anthonyalthough she co-parents her 15-year-olds with her current husband, Ben Affleck.

Recently, the 53-year-old actress opened up about the difficulties her children have to grow up in the fame of their parents.

Jennifer Lopez opens up about her kids’ struggles with the limelight

In a conversation with” recklessthree-threat entertainer, while promoting her new film, The Mother, she talked about her life as a mother. During the chat, one of the hosts asked the actress what she wanted to protect her kids from, prompting Lopez to express her fear.

Jennifer Lopez appeared with children in the Coach Holiday campaign

Like her character in the Netflix series, who devoted herself to saving her daughter, JLo shared that she’s not very different in terms of her twin children.

She said, “Everything. There are a lot of things. I think being a child of famous parents is not something that many people can understand, and I feel [my kids] for that because they didn’t choose that.

She continued, “They just started telling me how people treat them—so when they walk into the room, that’s what people think. They don’t see them for who they are.

Touched, the “Hustlers” star revealed that being under such pressure was “a difficult thing” for Emme and Max. Therefore, she “would love to be able to protect them from that.”

The “Ain’t Your Mama” singer said one more thing she wants to protect her kids from. She begins by explaining that while not everyone can get away with being bullied, she wants to see her kids not be judged by the public.

Lopez said, “Everybody has to deal with bullying like you said; It doesn’t matter who you are, you can be bullied. But being judged by people you don’t even know in a way, I think, it’s hard for them to grow up and be themselves. They know there’s a lens watching them, and that’s hard.”

The “On the Floor” hitmaker claims she gave that life back to her kids and feels a little guilty. However, the actress noted that while she wants to protect her children from “everything,” pain is a part of life.


She said, “You never want them to feel pain in their life, but that’s not realistic. You realize as you get older, OK, pain is necessary. Pain is good. Pain makes you feel like a warrior when you get through it.”

While the Manhattan Handmaid star is dedicated to her children, her partner Affleck can do the same. A few weeks ago, the Golden Globe Award recipient said about how Affleck was the perfect father figure for her children despite having children of her own.

“He was a great father and a father to them as well,” she declared. “You know, he’s got three beautiful kids, and then us.” J.Lo added: “He’s amazing, he’s really up for the challenge of what that is and what that means, and they love him, they appreciate him, and Me too.”

Jennifer Lopez’s movie ‘Mother’ hits a big milestone within days of its release

Meanwhile, the action thriller “The Mother,” in which Lopez stars, is poised to break records. Each reportit has won the title of Netflix’s biggest opening for a movie in 2023.

The horror film, which is 118 minutes long, reached 83.71 million hours watched in the May 8-14 viewing time slot and topped 82 countries with nearly 43 million views. “Netflix calculates views by dividing the total number of hours watched by the total running time, which is 1.96 hours.”

The film, which premiered on May 12, tells the story of a highly trained assassin (played by Lopez) who escapes to protect his daughter after taking her out. earlier.

In addition to J.Lo, the Netflix action series stars Lucy Paez, Gael García Bernal, Omari Hardwick and Joseph Fiennes and is directed by Niki Caro.

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