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Jennifer Lawrence may have appeared in Barry Season 4 Episode 6

In the episode, Barry (Hader) kills an old friend and Sally is left with their son, John. She starts giving the boy vodka to coax him to sleep so she can be alone, which is pretty dark, even for “Barry”. Then she got a Scary and surreal challenge makes her shiverbut Hader had a completely different mindset at first, in that Sally saw a Barry Berkman movie in the works and she decided to launch a comeback:

“You see her reading it and you see all these people online and on social media saying who they think should be playing Sally, then she looks at John and then you interrupt and they get on the plane and flew to LA. They went to Warner and they saw that it was her and they were so excited. They said, ‘You won’t believe this, Jennifer Lawrence wants to play you.’ Then she went to this party and met Natalie, who was so nice to her, was like, “You taught me everything” and apologized to her. Then she met Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer said, “You know what? You should be playing Sally, not me,’ you then interrupt and realize that Sally is still sitting on her keyboard and this is all just her daydream.”

Seeing Sally and Lawrence together would be a great thing, but daydreaming of wish fulfillment wasn’t in the cards for Sally because Hader felt it was too similar to Gene Cousineau’s (Henry Winkler) arc. Instead, we have a completely different kind of mental breakdown, and it’s a lot scarier.

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