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J. Lo leads Netflix with biggest opening, Ben blockbuster

Jennifer Lopez play the role of a mother with special skills in Netflix original film Mother, and it became the streamer’s top opening.

Jennifer Lopez Draws the Crown

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were spotted hanging out with Ben apos's mom to celebrate Mother's Day

Mother become Netflix’s biggest opening in 2023; That’s been a big deal so far, as the streaming giants are playing the give and take game with their subscribers. The action/thriller film grossed 83.71 million hours watched in its May 8-14 viewing time slot and debuted at #1 on the charts.

It also topped in 82 countries with nearly 43 million views. The film premiered on the service on May 12. It stars Lopez as the difficult mother of someone with a bad past due to her job.

She must use her skills to protect the daughter she abandoned years ago. Lopez should feel successful because many of the Netflix movies released in the past few months have not received the expected viewership.

Jennifer Lopez is doing better than Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck at Kimmel

Could this be why Lopez’s husband, Ben Affleck, slammed the door over the weekend? Both sides have major movies on sale this weekend, but Affleck’s didn’t do very well. Horror/science fiction film titled Hypnosis is being called the “worst opening” by director Robert Rodriguez.

The film cost $65 million to make, and Rodriguez opened with $2.4 million from 2,118 theaters; it will continue to lose tons and millions, according to Hollywood Reporter.

The low numbers are being blamed on a lack of marketing. Affleck didn’t shoot for the film, which was postponed to 2021 after a production company dilemma. They hope to catch the eye of Affleck’s other cinema, Air. That doesn’t happen.

Affleck hasn’t had a bad opening like this since the spectre in 1998, and then Gigli came shortly after, another movie to which Lopez was linked.

Is hypnosis worth the hype?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez see the house 65 000 000 for the third time

The film focuses on Affleck, a detective named Danny Rourke. His young daughter was kidnapped and possibly murdered, which spurred his focus and career as he revealed a sordid story surrounding his daughter’s disappearance. .

The film also stars Alice Braga and William Fichtner. Initially, it attracted considerable attention and distribution companies were eager to grab the Affleck-led film. Interest eventually slowed and the film is said to have been gone for a while.

Now that it’s finally released, it’s underperforming. There is still hope for the film. The film premiered at South by Southwest earlier this year to a warm reception. Next, it will be available at the Cannes Film Festival during the Midnight Time slot.

The financiers for the movie, according to THR, are hoping that international interest will help the film’s sales overseas. It has been released in over 2,000 theaters, but only in the US, so there may be hope!

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