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I survived going to a Korean Spa (completely nude) as an oversized little girl!

neutral body often the first step to loving your body. Body neutrality is simply valuing your body and its function relative to how it looks. And if there’s one place that totally lets you put function above looks, it’s the (completely nude) Korean Spa.

Now, I know for most people, especially plus size girls, the thought of being naked in a room full of people, even if it’s just women, doesn’t scream. “spa experience,” but I promise it’s not a “I forgot my pants nightmare!”

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Personally, I was somewhat forced to be naked with my mother as an adult, due to a terrible injury that forced her to help me bathe for months. She always conceived of it as not just a body, but my body makes your body. So it’s not strange because I’m your mother. Her attitude certainly helped ease my initial nervousness, but this was the first experience we had ever had fully naked together.

The specific Korean spa we went to has mogyoktangor the nude bath area is divided by gender, then a jimjilbang, or co-educational areas where you have to get dressed, and they even let you sweat to wear them. Not knowing how the size would work, I brought my own robes and clothesand I’m glad I did, because I wouldn’t feel comfortable if they were too tight.

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Wrapped in my own robe, I stashed my personal belongings, giggled with my mom, took a deep breath, and was completely naked in public! I mean, not publicly, but more openly than ever. My belly, stretch marks, breasts that aren’t as firm as they used to be, all exposed.

I quickly showered and dunked myself in the hot tub as quickly as I could, so that at least my body was covered up a bit, but that’s when I realized, no one cares about me or my body. .

It’s a collection of natural women, with body hair, scars, tattoos and wrinkles, all just enjoying and dedicating themselves to their bodies. self care. Nobody even looked up from their own meditation.

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I forgot I was naked at this Korean Spa!

From saunas to steam rooms, cold soaks, extra hot soaks and basic hot tubs; the funny thing is that at some point, I forgot I was naked. I stopped taking my robe when I took a break to drink water. I really just enjoy every inch of my oversized body without restraint, without shame, and completely in its function.

Then it’s time for seshin, a traditional Korean spa technique that uses body scrubs. It removes dead skin and enhances blood circulation. They told us to get into the hot tub 30 minutes in advance to soften the skin for scrubbing. Then they put us back behind a wall and each of us had our own area, but again we were completely naked!

oversized woman getting spa treatment- Korean spa experience
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After lying on the plastic bed, my masseuse began to exfoliate every inch of me… and when I say inch, I really mean every inch. She was between my fingers and toes, lifting my arm and repositioning my legs to make sure not a single spot was missed. It doesn’t have to be painful, but it sure is powerful.

Occasionally, she splashed a bucket of warm water on me to remove all the dead skin and continued scrubbing. I can’t even fathom how much dead skin there will be, but let’s just say it’s more than I expected.

There are a few moments where I feel a bit awkward when this woman touches my body so much, but then I try to relax when I remember that she’s been doing this for years. They wear bras and underwear and are completely professional.

I mean, I’m sure she’s seen every body type over the years and is completely unfazed when we’re naked. You know that scene in “The Wizard of Oz” where they go to “Wash & Brush Up” and ask a team to get the Wizard ready? My mother and I laughed as if we were experiencing Oz.

The treatment ended with a shampoo and conditioner and it didn’t take long after that to forget how nude and revealing I was, which I knew seemed a bit crazy.

Overall, it was a unique and amazing experience that my mom and I will share and laugh about forever, and I’m glad I didn’t hold myself back because insecurity.

At the end of the day, we all live in real bodies. Bodies droop, sag, scar, change and most importantly allow us to live. We owe it to our bodies and to ourselves to make the most of that life and even indulge them from time to time.

Have you ever been to a Korean Spa? What is your experience? Let me know, I’m curious if your experience was as comfortable as mine!

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