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Huion Inspiroy Dial 2 graphics tablet review

So I’m a bit of a stranger when it comes to graphics tablets. I never really felt like I needed one for what I do. My 9:5 work includes creating graphics and photo editing content for social media, and for TechNuovo, I create thumbnails for the videos I create, such as this one. However, I thought I should give this product a try and see if it can improve my workflow.

The nice thing about the Inspiroy Dial 2 is that everything is neat. The graphics panel mimics my entire screen, and moving the pen around in programs like Photoshop feels really responsive. It has a 10.5 x 6.56 inch workspace, is smooth to the touch and supportive when gliding. Speaking of the pen, it’s completely powerless so no need to charge or install any batteries, and there are several nibs available in the pen holder, including felt and plastic. I definitely prefer the felt nib, it feels more like a marker on paper, which is actually quite realistic.

Huion Inspiroy Dial 2

On the left-hand side, there are two dials and six buttons. Interestingly, these buttons and dials can be customized as shortcuts inside the Huion software. Since I’m a Photoshop user as the main software for my work, I’ll run through the default settings for that software, although like I said, these can be changed. By default, the buttons are as follows: the top spin button I have set to zoom in and out of the project, and the bottom spin button adjusts the brush size. Buttons move between paintbrush tool, rubber, color picker, Save as hand tool to drag around my document, and Undo. On the pen, I have it to switch between brush and rubber size options, in case I make a mistake.

Huion Inspiroy Dial 2

The build quality is also quite solid and doesn’t flex when extra pressure is applied to the pad. The dials are also quite solid and there is no noticeable wobble to them either. There are two ways you can connect the Huion Inspiroy Dial 2, that is via the supplied USB Type-C cable or Bluetooth if you have one available.

Huion Inspiroy Dial 2

However, if you’re a bit addicted to keyboard shortcuts, the six buttons and two dials certainly won’t be enough to get you through your day-to-day tasks. You will still need a keyboard to press all your desired shortcuts. But that said, and for what I do in Photoshop, pretty much all of my channel thumbnails, editing photos I’ve taken on long trips, as well as some other social media posts in For my daily work, the Huion Inspiroy Dial 2 is a tablet with decent graphics capabilities.

Huion Inspiroy Dial 2

For a graphics tablet that costs £127 though on Amazon, this is a really great product. It works really well for what I need and the price for this I think is extremely competitive.

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