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How wearing an oversized two piece swimsuit for the first time boosted my confidence

Can I tell you how wearing an oversized two-piece changed my life? I’m willing to bet that, if I surveyed 100 plus-size women, asking them to describe their first bikini experience, many would report that it started out in awe. The fear of wearing bikinis creates a lot of anxiety for plus-size women because society has taught us that only slim, hourglass bodies are “perfect” for two-piece swimsuits.

Judgment, self-doubt, intrinsic adiposity along with a lack of options that provide structure and support are all reasons I’ve heard from women who stay away from bikinis.

With all these factors working against us, would you believe me if I told you that the first time I wore an oversized two-piece swimsuit was a complete boost of confidence?

My first time wearing that oversized two piece swimsuit

I remember pretty well the day I received my first two pieces in the mail. It’s a hot pink number, made to be seen! My bikini is part of GabiFresh’s first collection with Swimwear for everyone. I looked at her collection on social media and TCF and marvel at the beauty of everyone in it. I am very excited, but also worried.

What if people think I look stupid? What if I was only sentenced to life in prison one piece swimwear with an oversized t-shirt on top??

I remember standing in front of the mirror with my eyes closed as I tried on each item. When I finished tying the tie around the collar of my shirt, I took a deep breath…. and open your eyes!

When I opened my eyes, my mouth fell open! Not because it looks brutal, but quite the opposite. I fell in love. The swimsuit had a high waist, allowing the tiniest part of my waist to show. The material is firm and stretchy, hugging my stomach.

It feels like a classic Barbie doll when I wear a plus size two piece swimsuit

Standing in the mirror, I feel like a classic Barbie. I’m ready for the beach. Fast-forward about 2 weeks, and I’m on the beach with friends. While surveying a site for a claim, anxiety arose once again.

Being alone in a mirror is different from exposing yourself to a public beach. Once we found a small area and I sat down with my oversized t-shirt and bikini below, magic happened.

When I look around the beach, I’m not the only glamorous woman in a two-piece. There are several, all of them are gorgeous. None of these women had cover-up clothing. And it makes me feel silly wearing a t-shirt. I pulled away and smiled. I never imagined something as simple as overcoming my fear of wearing a bikini would boost my confidence the way it did.

Wearing an oversized two-piece allows me to focus on what I love about my body, instead of going to war with myself. I found a new appreciation for my body that has been with me to this day.

Some people can stare. Some may approach you and compliment how great they think you look. You cannot control the opinions of others.

The only way to combat negative input is to value your opinion the most. Over the years, I’ve learned that confidence is mostly about adjusting to the outside world and believing in yourself. It feels so powerful to be a part of the movement of curvaceous women who have created a space like no other.

You never know who you’re inspiring when just being yourself.

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