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How to Install and Use Razor Payments on .Net

How to Install and Use Razor Payments on .Net


Shave .NET SDK Is one .NET based SDK designed to provide developers in the development of applications that can interact with the Razorpay APIs. By installing shave .NET SDK (server side) we will be able to interact with the Razorpay API.Razorpay installation process .NET SDK

By installing Razorpay .NET SDK (server side) we will be able to interact with the Razorpay API.

Developers can organize installation of Razorpay .NET SDK and similarly integrate with the website created by .NET to receive payments, refunds, and perform other transactions.

Mandatory ingredients

Use a higher version of
.NET 4.5 with TLS (version 1.2).

TLS (version 1.2) only works with
.NET version 4.5. Using it with a lower .NET version will generate an error. Check

Steps to download and install Razorpay .NET SDK

First you need to Create or register with a Razorpay account.

Afterward Log into Razorpay’s dashboard and generate API keys during testing.

Install Razorpay through NuGet Package Manager

You can install Razorpay through NuGet Package Manager.

or through
NET core
CLI (Command line interface).

By NuGet Package Manager

To get SDK install via NuGet Package Managerfirst download the latest source code in zip file format from the above release link GitHub.

Need to download and install ‘NuGet Package Manager’.

‘NuGet Package Manager’ is only compatible with .NET 4.0 and higher version. Make sure you have selected the correct current version of .NET

which needs to be installed.

Start Run the following commands on ‘NuGet Package Manager‘:

Name within Razorpay.Api.

.NET client displays Exception instead of returning an error.

Options are selected as Dictionary instead of multiple parameters, whenever feasible.

All suggestions and feedback are passed through JSON.

Please note: You must own .NET Core CLI installed on your system to use this method.

To get SDK installed from the following command prompt:

The latest source code file needs to be downloaded from

Run the following command:


When the above command fails with an invalid certificate obtained from the server, start running the following commands:

Certificate Manager Commands


Integration with Payment Gateway

API sample code


Get paid

Receive payment by Id

Capture a payment

Refund a payment

In order for you to refund the payment, the following codes need to be executed.

Fetch all refunds for a payment

Fetching a refund for a payment using the cashback id

Access payment properties

Create an order

Create customers

Development platform

Just open the solution in visual studio 2013 (if you have it), it will develop fine


Compiling with Mono

Download ‘Newtonsoft.Json‘ nuget package.

Download ‘NUnit‘ nuget package.

A bin directory needs to be created in the root directory

Compile the source code into a library

copy dependent dll

Compile test exe

Run test exe

Compile via xbuild

Run xbuild (in the root directory where sln file exists)

In case the above command fails with the message “received invalid certificate from server“, run the following commands


Hope the above article helps developers to develop proper razor pay sdk app and they can take advantage of razor pay app.

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