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How to import PST into Office 365 without data loss?

How to import PST into Office 365 without data loss


Every user wants to move their old emails if they are moving in Office 365. We all know all Outlook email client user data is stored in PST file format. So if you are migrating to Office 365, then you have to import PST into Office 365 to migrate old emails. To handle this task, users need a reliable way for an easy process. Therefore, keep reading this post until the end and understand possible ways to accomplish this task quickly.

Advantages of moving PST files to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based Saas that offers a variety of features and desktop applications. Desktop apps include Outlook, Skype, Yammer, MS Word, Excel, etc. Plus, there are more advantages to choosing Office 365 that we’ve shared below.

Easy access: With Office 365’s cloud-based Saas, users will easily access their data from anywhere at any time.

Simplify virtual communication: Since Microsoft 365 offers a variety of Skype for business, Teams, SharePoint, etc., it helps users communicate effectively for their business.

Access multiple accounts: Users can easily access multiple accounts through Office 365. So users can access multiple accounts at the same time without any problems.

Sure: For most users, the main concern is the security of their data. Office 365 keeps users’ data safe.

Affordable subscription plans: Office 365 subscription plans easily fit everyone’s budget. It offers subscription plans for large users as well as individuals. Users can even cut down and increase their numbers monthly with Office 365.

These are the advantages of choosing Office 365 and the reasons why users go up PST to Office 365 Cloud-based Saas. Now, we will go to the solutions for this task and how the user will initiate this task.

Methods for uploading Outlook PST files to Microsoft 365

User can use manual or professional PST to Office 365 Migration Tool to complete this task. The manual method is free and can only be done using the Outlook email client. Below we are sharing the step-by-step process to start this task manually and also a third-party professional tool.

Import PST into Office 365 manually

In this method, we will use Outlook Import/Export method to
import PST into Office 365
Cloud-based Saas. So read all the steps carefully and complete your task efficiently.

Step 1: Run the MS Outlook application in your system.

Step 2: Click the File menu.

Step 3: Now select the Open & Export option from the File menu.

Step 4: Select the Import/Export option.

Import/Export Options

Step 5: The next window will pop up on your screen; here, touch the option Import from file or other program. Click the Next button.

Import and Export Wizard

Step 6: Then select the Outlook data file (.pst) option and press Next.

Outlook data file

Step 7: Now press the Browse button and select the PST file that you want to import.

Step 8: Then, press the Next button.

Step 9: Select the Import items into the same folder in: option and click the Finish button.

After clicking the Finish button, the process will begin importing PST into the Office 365 environment. The import process time depends on the size of the mailbox you are importing.

Why don’t most users choose the manual method?

Sometimes the manual method does not provide accurate results and completes this task easily. Moreover, it has some limitations that make it a bit complicated for users to enter PST into Office 365 manually.

  • It may take a long time to complete the import of this PST file.

  • The user should have good technical knowledge to perform this task without any difficulty.

  • Furthermore, users can only import a single mailbox using this method at a time.

  • A person who wants to import multiple PST files needs to run this process multiple times.

There may be more difficulties that users may encounter with the manual method. Therefore, it will be better for users if they use the professional PST to Office 365 Migration Tool. Therefore, we recommend users to take a look at the third-party professional tool Shoviv.

Shoviv Advanced Software to Import PST into Office 365

Previously, we discussed why most users don’t choose manual method and give you some limitations of manual method. So this task can be complicated for users to start with with the help of manual method. Therefore, to run this process easily, users can use
PST to Office 365 Migration Tool.

This software works without any limitations and provides instant results to the users. It is capable of uploading different PST files to MS Office 365 in one go. It also facilitates users to transfer PST files to Live Exchange, EML, MSG, HTML and other targets. The folder hierarchy and meta attributes of the email will not be affected even after the process is finished.

Its GUI is very user-friendly, allowing all users to import PST into Office 365 without any worries. Let us discuss the step-by-step process for uploading PST files using Shoviv’s professional third-party tool.

Step-by-step process of importing PST using Shoviv . software

To upload PST to Office 365 environment, users need to follow the steps shared below. We recommend users to read all the steps carefully to complete this task easily.

Step 1: First, download and install the Shoviv PST to Office 365 Migration Tool.

Step 2: Click Add OST/PST file to add a PST file.


Step 3: Here, users can add both healthy and corrupted PST files. Click OK.

more healthy

Step 4: Now, select the Office 365 tab from the ribbon bar.

choose Office 365

Step 5: Check/Uncheck the list of subfolders and then click the Next button.

Check Uncheck the list of subfolders

Step 6: Select Configuration and choose an option from Export In. Move forward with the Next button.

Select Profile and an option from Export

Step 7: Then, apply filters as needed and press Next.

apply filters

Step 8: The process will run to import the PST into the Office 365 environment.

PST to Office 365 environment

Step 9: Click Ok and then the Finish button.


This post helped us by providing solutions that make importing PST files easy. After learning manual and professional solutions to import PST into Office 365, we recommend users to use Shoviv professional tool. In addition, users can use the free trial version, helping users understand more about this software.

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