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How Logan Roy Prepares His Own Legacy For Consecutive Self-destruction in Season 4

At this point, your best path forward is together. Unfortunately, Logan also poisoned it. By highlighting their flaws, he made them more insecure. When pitted against each other, he created a lingering suspicion even now.

Shiv feels excluded from the business because Logan was the first to lock the door on her – so when Roman and Kendall were crowned as his successors, it felt like a blast from the painful past. her suffering. Meanwhile, Roman is still baffled by the thought that something is wrong with him (injury from his father!), and Kendall can’t stop trying to prove himself to someone who has denied himself. proud of him.

With all the second-guessing and lingering trauma pulling them apart, they were too distracted to realize that working together really was their best chance for success. They can fill in each other’s blanks and offer support while Logan never does. But they were all too traumatized by Logan and deeply hurt to realize it. So instead, they are collapsing at the seams.

However, the time to make mistakes is long gone. The final season of “Succession” followed the family closely day by day, instead of leaping weeks ahead of major events like before. Time is slowing down, which means every moment counts. Both the election and the deal with GoJo will be settled in the next few days, placing two important pieces of Logan’s legacy on the kids’ plates. And given their condition, there’s a good chance everything he’s built could be ruined before the season ends – all because he can’t find it within himself to nurture their potential.

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