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Heather Dubrow inspires fans ahead of ‘RHOC’ premiere

Heather Dubrow hints at heightened tensions in Season 17 of “Real Housewives of Orange County.”

Expectations are increasing as the actress arouses fans’ excitement before the drama airs. Known for her captivating presence and past experiences on the show, the beloved return cast will set the stage for an exciting season that promises drama, charm, and entertainment. Characteristics of Housewives.

Heather Dubrow reveals drama ahead of ‘True Housewives of Orange County’ premiere

During the 48th Annual Gracie Awards Gala hosted by Alliance For Women In Media in Los Angeles, the 54-year-old shared interesting insights about the upcoming season of the popular reality TV series. .

With a premiere date set for June 7 on Bravo, her revelations are sure to ignite the expectations of fans eager to dive into the latest installment of this long-running hit series. Dressed up in a vibrant black Chanel dress, the mother-of-four said EVERYBODY:

“Honestly, it was a very difficult season for me.”

Reflecting on the upcoming season, she expressed curiosity about how events will be portrayed on screen and acknowledged the possibility of misinterpretation and exaggeration. However, she shares her optimism, clarify:

“I will tell you, it feels like the show used to be when I first got on it. I think the fans will be really happy.”

Heather Dubrow at the 48th Annual Gracie Awards - Beverly Hills

Thinking about returning to the show, Dubrow shared his thoughts with the publication, saying, “I think when I rejoined the show last year, except for Shannon [Beador], everyone is new. For me personally, I feel like it’s a whole new situation.”

She noted that with the return of Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson, there was a shift in momentum, describing it as more of a family. Discussing the conflicts of the upcoming season, the “That’s Life” actress emphasized the strong friendship within the group, highlighting how deep their relationship is. She observes that love and hatred can increase when companies run deep.

While no one knows the challenges she will face on the show, it’s a blessing that her family life remains steadfast and solid. The TV personality expressed happiness in her relationship with her husband, Terry Dubrow, to whom she has been married for 23 years.

Like Why did she choose to return? to the hit reality TV show, the “Young & Hungry” guest star delved into why in an episode of her podcast, “Heather Dubrow’s World.” Joined by Bravo CEO Andy Cohen, she thinks her comeback is timednotes that her family and children have entered different stages in her life, making it the right time for her to step back into the limelight.

Moving with her family to a new place, the “Malibu Country” actress felt it was time to once again immerse herself in the world of the movie. She also shared how the pandemic has made her think about the opportunity to revisit and try things again. She notes, “This isn’t quite the same as a remake, but there’s something about being able to go back.”

‘Botched: Post Op’ star defends support for transgender children amid criticism

Portrait of Heather Dubrow and family
Instagram | Heather Dubrow

After receiving much criticism, the star had to defend her celebration of her transgender child, who goes by the name Ace. Allegations of using her child in connection with “The Real Housewives of Orange County” have been denied by the “Good Day LA” actress.

According to the report of explosionDubrow vehemently denies child exploitation and emphasizes that her and her family’s sole focus is prioritizing Ace’s physical and mental health.

It all started when she marked International Boys’ Day by sharing on Instagram that her son is transgender. However, her announcement was met with backlash, with some accusing her of seeking attention or staging drama for her role in the film.

She addressed the criticism on her podcast, “Let’s Talk,” where she vehemently denied those claims. According to a report from (TooFab), Dubrow emphasized that she would never exploit or use her children to create “content,” asserting that such allegations are baseless and misleading. damage.

For her and her family, this announcement is a celebration of their child’s identity and an expression of love and support for their journey. She also alluded to outside pressures that influenced their decision, mentioning that “there are other people who want to tell stories about your child” so they need to stay ahead of the story. .

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