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Harnessing new technologies to overcome global supply chain disruptions to enhance IAF logistics capabilities: Air Marshal

Head of Indian Air Force VR Chaudhari on Tuesday called on stakeholders to harness digitization, automation and data analytics to overcome global supply chain disruptions and enhance post-production capabilities. need of one of the three services.

Speaking at the National Logistics Management Conference, LOGISEM-23, Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari said that “global supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and interconnected, driven by commercial drafts. international trade and advances in technology. The defense sector is no exception to this trend. The IAF relies on a global supply chain to provide critical parts, equipment and services to maintain its combat potential at optimal levels.”

“In recent times, the world has witnessed various disruptions such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, trade barriers, tariff wars and environmental compliance policies. school. He told the gathering that such events have highlighted the vulnerability of supply chains to disruption.

“To minimize such disruption, it is advisable to take advantage of emerging trends such as digitization, automation, and data analytics to enhance the logistics capabilities of the IAF,” Chaudhari said.

Featured speakers discussed and discussed issues related to the theme of the workshop in three sessions. Discussions ranged from the future prospects of domestic aviation to modern trends in warehousing and supply chain management as well as public procurement initiatives through the government procurement portal, GeM , as the IAF has officially stated.

Through the workshop, ideas were exchanged between civilian and military logistics, which are expected to assist the IAF in adapting its supply chain needs based on modern technology and global trends. bridge.

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