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Halle Berry suffered some serious injuries while training for John Wick 3

We’ve all heard stories of people getting injured in action movies, such as Tom Cruise breaking his ankle while jumping over the tops of two buildings in “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”. Part of the lore about those types of mishaps is that they are often left in movies as a monument to the pain the person has to endure.

In the case of Halle Berry, her injury occurred before the cameras started rolling. Talk to More around the film’s release, she revealed that she “broken three ribs when [she] rehearsing for ‘John Wick’.” A broken rib was an injury I hoped I would never suffer in my life, because the thought that there was no real cure other than waiting through the pain seemed to me. is a real nightmare.

However, Berry handled the wound with ease. “It was like a badge of honor to me, we don’t know how it happened… I worked for a while with broken ribs until I couldn’t do it anymore,” she said. more. When she realized the extent of her trauma, she feared she would have to be replaced, but Berry believes director Chad Stahelski waited for things to work out until she could return to the proverbial horse and perform the work.

In Hollywood, where time is money, that’s a blessing indeed. But if you have the guts and guts to star in a “John Wick” movie alongside action movie legend Keanu Reeves, whom Berry “didn’t want to let you down”, all I can do Your achievements are welcome. And Halle Berry goes beyond that in “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum,” contributing to what I believe is the best film of the series. I just wish they brought her back for “Chapter 4.”

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