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GTY Technology rebrands to Euna Solutions as a market leader in driving digital transformation in the public sector


The newly rebranded Euna Solutions brings together proven, innovative technology solutions to advance the administrative functions and financial performance of the public sector.


CHICAGO & TORONTO — euna solution, a leading provider of purpose-built, cloud-based solutions to the public sector, today announced a rebranding of its corporate identity from GTY Technology to strengthen its market leadership position. schools that promote digital transformation in the public sector. Backed by decades of technological innovation, Euna Solutions provides a leading set of software solutions that support critical administrative functions and financial operations for the public sector in the United States and Canada. These best-in-class solutions and services have been proven to complement government ERP systems to increase productivity, efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and compliance.


Craig Ross, CEO of Euna Solutions, said: “The rebranding to Euna Solutions advances our ongoing vision of building trust, transparency and ultimately community. “The name ‘Euna’ comes from ‘unity’, which is in line with the direction of our company. Not only are we consolidating the most proven technologies in the space, but we are also using this synergy to enable the public sector to deliver better outcomes for the communities they serve.”

Euna’s executive leadership team combines decades of government and public sector technology experience. Ross brings more than 30 years of industry experience and leadership expertise to help drive the growth of the public sector. Ross is supported by an executive team that includes TJ Parass, director of product and technology; James Ha, chief growth officer; Rob Crocker, chief financial officer; Art Elizarov, senior vice president, integration and distribution; Katerina Goros, senior vice president and head of human resources; Manik Verma, senior vice president, corporate development; and Bill Brunson, senior vice president of sales.

GTY Technology was founded in 2016 with the aim of identifying and investing in compelling technologies that can help transform the public sector. Pursuing a growth strategy through acquisitions, GTY brought together Bonfire, CityBase, eCivis, OpenCounter, Questica and Sherpa in 2018, and RequestStar and Ion Wave Technologies in 2022. Euna’s arrival comes at a time of rapid growth as GTY welcomes more than 300 new customers in 2022, bringing the total number of customers it serves to over 2,000. The rebranded Euna Solutions brings together a customer-centric employee base of over 500 people and growing.

Euna Solutions provides easy-to-use SaaS technology for procurement, billing, grant management, budgeting, licensing, and purpose-built K-12 management for public sector organizations. As a trusted partner of more than 2,000 government and public sector organizations across North America, Euna ultimately enables greater stakeholder interaction and workflow efficiency through digital government services.

Euna’s solutions include:

  • Euna Budget – Formerly Questica and Sherpa, Euna Budget includes highly configurable budget and performance management systems built to help agencies modernize business processes. These solutions enable data-driven budgeting and decision-making while increasing data accuracy, saving time, and improving stakeholder trust.
  • Euna Grants – Formerly eCivis, Euna Grants is the most complete and widely used grant management software solution. The only grant management solution purpose-built for both grantees and grantees, it addresses the unique challenges faced by concurrent granting and receiving agencies .
  • Euna Permits – Formerly OpenCounter, Euna Permits is an in-office licensing guidance solution created by former town hall staff to improve the process and communication between permit applicants and those licensing. Custom portals are set up for zoning, business, special events and residential areas to provide all necessary information to applicants in advance and increase the efficiency of the whole process.
  • Euna Procure – Formerly Bonfire, IonWave and RequestStar, Euna Procure is the most complete suite of Electronic Procurement solutions for the public sector. In addition to providing excellent service throughout the customer journey, Euna Procure boasts the largest and fastest growing supplier network comprising more than 700,000 suppliers and 22,000 agents.
  • Euna Payments – Formerly CityBase, Euna Payments is a powerful and convenient payment solution with the most intuitive customer service tools. This solution provides governments and utilities with multiple payment options for constituents and their customers. Organizations have the option of implementing one, multiple, or all types of payment options including self-service kiosks, web payments, mobile payments, and POS for faster revenue collection.
  • Euna K-12 Admin – Formerly SpedTrack, Euna K-12 Admin is the most complete and compliant K-12 education solution in North America that simplifies the single set of components needed to manage programs special education. Complete with dashboards, reporting, and best-in-class customer support, this award-winning solution is built to simplify the management of K-12 programs and maximize trust. stakeholders in district processes.


“We recognize the acceleration of digital transformation in the public sector and the gaps that exist in connecting disparate critical technologies that will enable them to function effectively,” said Ross. “We are committed to helping public sector organizations better serve their voters and improve the employee experience. With historic funding levels available, now is the time to modernize the public sector.”

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About Euna solution

Euna Solutions is a leading provider of purpose-built, cloud-based solutions that support critical governance and financial functions for the public sector. Formerly GTY Technology, Euna Solutions provides easy-to-use solutions for procurement, billing, funding management, budgeting, licensing, and K-12 management that have been proven to increase operational efficiency. mobility, transparency, collaboration and compliance. Euna Solutions is a trusted partner of more than 2,000 government and public sector organizations across North America, empowering digital transformation and streamlining business processes through a centralized approach. Focus on relationship, focus on service. Euna promotes the development of the public sector. To learn more, visit

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