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GoJo keeps crashing – But Waystar is a walking dead

Matsson openly complains about his senior executives at Shiv’s party. He complains that his “number two” enjoys parties and drugs too much and that he has a “communication-afraid communication worker.” He and Ebba even got into a shouting match in front of the group, where she said she wished he would fire her. Matsson’s public discord with his own employees seems like a miscalculated move, doesn’t it? Well, it could still be smarter than Roman’s erratic shooting in episode 6 “Living+”.

Ebba can ruin Matsson by going public with her harassment, but Gerri can do the same to Roman. The youngest Roy alienated his own senior management by firing her for real and he made the mistake of doing it behind closed doors without any witnesses to prove it. Now all he has is his word against the “lots of pictures of his genitals” that Gerri owns. She definitely has something of his importance on her hands – I hope it goes without saying what it is.

Kendall and Roman get all this fascinating information about the blood bricks at the party, but it’s only when they warm up to Ebba that she drops the real bomb – Matsson fabricated the subscriber count mine in India, sort of, a lot. That means he’s been lying to shareholders for a while, and if this comes out, the value of his own company could plummet, eliminating any chance of him buying Waystar. This can be huge for the losers’ desperate attempts to kill the deal, but they’re pretty quick to throw stones at the very greenhouse they’ve just built.

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