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Giants put Joc Pederson on the injured list, activating Mike Yastrzemski

The giant announces they have placed the designated attacker Joc Pederson on the 10-day injured list, effective May 13, due to a wound to his right hand. midfielder Mike Yastrzemski returned from 10 days at his own IL to fill a vacant position on the active list.

Pederson was injured on Friday when he suffered a Scott McGough yard in Arizona. Pederson sits out the rest of the series and seems to need at least another week to recover. The fact that the Giants didn’t put him in the IL right away and the negative X-ray results suggest it may be a relatively short time on the injured list, but San Francisco will still be one of their better racquets over the next few games.

Retained for the season through a qualifying offer, the backhand Pederson had a fruitful start to his sophomore year in the Bay Area. He’s connected in five home runs, four doubles and one triple in his first 26 games. Pederson also pulled 14 walks in just 97 passes to the plate, resulting in a quality percentage on base of 0.351 and a slip of 0.494 despite a modest average of 0.235. That’s the kind of attack speed production the Giants have come to expect, even though Pederson is now going to IL for a second time. He also lost 11 days in April from inflammation in his right wrist.

Yastrzemski took two weeks off due to a strain on his left hamstring. That put a halt to a stellar .292/.333/.521 season start for San Francisco’s Opening Day central driver. He’ll be back in the squad easily, as he’s not in the starting lineup tonight against the Phillies. He will be available for captain Gabe Kapler off the bench and is expected to return to the squad in the next day or two.

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