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Giant, Logan Webb agrees to a 5-year, $90 million extension

The Giants announced that they have agreed to a 5-year, $90 million extension for right-handers Webb longan. Webb will earn $8 million next year, $12 million in 2025, $23 million in both 2026 and 2027, then $24 million in 2028. Webb was previously projected ​will reach the open market after 2025, so this deal buys out three years of free resellers.

Webb, 26, was picked by the Giants in the fourth round of the 2014 draft. His road to becoming a major league starter was turbulent, as he had Tommy John surgery in 2016 and received an 80-match suspension in 2019 for testing positive for the banned performance enhancer Dehydrochlormethyltestosterone. He then struggled in his first professional run, with a 5.22 ERA in eight starts in 2019 and a 5.47 ERA in the shortened 2020 season.

However, 2021 is a major breakthrough for the right. He made 26 starts and one relief appearance, eventually scoring 148 1/3 innings with an ERA of 3.03. He beat 26.5% of hitters faced while walking only 6%. He also had an incredible 60.9% hit rate, the highest rate of any pitcher with at least 140 plays that season. Last year, he proved it was no luck, throwing 192 thirds in 32 starts, reducing his ERA to 2.90. His hit rate dropped to 20.7% but he still scored excellent at 56.7%. He placed 11th in the Cy Young National League’s vote.

In addition to establishing itself as the employee ace in San Francisco, Webb also passed the three-year service mark last year. That allowed him to go through the arbitration process for the first time, with him and the club settling for a salary of $4.6 million. He could have gone through that two more times but it seems there is mutual interest in making a long-term deal. that is report back in February that he and the club had previously held some extension talks, although an agreement had not been struck until today.

A look at some recent comparisons for pitchers in this bracket suggests that Webb has done quite well for himself with this deal. Aaron Nola was three to four years of service when he and the Phillies agreed to four years, $45MM agree with a club option. Sandy Alcantara and Marlins agreed after 5 years and $56 million with the club option when he was in the same service group. It’s not a perfect comparison, though, as Webb has had a fixed salary for this year and his new contract won’t start until 2024. Finding pitchers ranges from between 2024. four to five years of service makes it harder to find a great company. Jeffrey Springs And Chris Paddack agreements signed recently during that window, although Paddack has just begun rehab after Tommy John surgery while Springs has only just moved from the barn to start. In recent years, the Rockies have offered 5-year contracts to both Kyle Freeland And Antonio Senzatelaalthough there is no better pitcher than Webb. Jacob deGrom received four years and $120.5 million from the Mets a few years ago, although he is about to start another world season where he posted an ERA of 1.70 while beating 32.2% of the numbers. hitters face.

If Webb leaves every year, he will be a free agent after 2025, his 28-year-old season. Had he continued to perform like what he’s shown in the past two seasons, he could have hit the high of $70 million he’s currently locked in in his post-arb years. . Even those who warm up mid-rotation like Taiwan Walker And Jameson Taillon was secured in that range this past winter. However, there is always the risk of injury or underperformance that could deal a major blow to his earning potential from now on. Instead, he holds large amounts of change and is still expected to hit the open market after the season at 31, when he is likely to remain highly sought after, depending on his performance. his performance from now to then.

As for the Giants, they’re betting that Webb will indeed continue to serve a top arm. They don’t have much long-term certainty in their rotation, as they have mainly relied on short-term trades for mid-range beginners in recent years. Anthony DeSclafani signed a one-year contract for 2021 and then re-signed a three-year contract that runs until 2024. Wooden Alex And Alex Cobb are each in the final season of their respective two-year contracts, although the club have a 2024 option for Cobb. Sean Manaea And Ross stripped each signed a two-year contract in the most recent season, but both will have the opportunity to decline after a few months. That gives the club plenty of options for sure right now, but all of those are in their 30s and are likely to leave this year or next. Before the deal, Webb was expected to follow them out the door not long after, but the Giants can now keep him through 2028.

The Giants have mostly kept themselves in those short-term trades in recent years, not quite on purpose. They tried to sign marquee players like Judge Aaron And Carlos Correa, though those deals ultimately failed to materialize. It’s been a source of frustration for many fans, but the upside is that their long-term vehicle is quite expansive. Webb is now in Mitch Haniger And Taylor Rogers despite being the only players locked in 2025 Wilmer Flores also had a modest player selection for that season.

They used some flexibility in that payroll to lock down Webb, who is currently the only player on record for 2026 and beyond. There’s still plenty of room to add other important salaries besides Webb in the future. After last year’s disappointing 81-81 season, following a 107-match campaign in 2021, the Giants are hoping for better here in 2023. Success or not, they have plenty of financial space to be active in the upcoming seasons.

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