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Get ready to embrace the warmth with Universal Standard Linen Drop!

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If you’re eager to add something new to your wardrobe with items that will let you down, spring through summer, then you must check out the new Universal Standard Linen collection! If the stylish forward-cut breathable fabrics speak for you, you’re in for a treat.

Over the weekend, the Universal Standard Linen pre-sale started, and we’re here to share our favorite picks, why you should check it out, and what you can expect with shrink linen. stretch.

“Finally it came back. Our third year in a row. Our signature stretch linen”

With the Universal Standard Linen Collection, we are presented with 7 pieces that can seamlessly integrate into your late spring and summer wardrobe! Most impressive is the structure and shine they give us, compared to the ornate options we often see in linen options. The colors are also dreamy, especially the Bleu Scolaire!

Your powerful suit is a highlight, especially if you are looking for spring in summer plus optional fit size! The cropped wide-leg pants with front seams and front seams teamed with a matching two-button blazer? A great addition to work clothes.

This collection gives us many options Besides wear to work. Looking for something casual? You have Your 2 piece playsuit for summer beach days include a lace-up front crop top and comfortable shorts. Want something more comfortable? The Linen shirt by the sea is a great versatile option here that can be easily layered and worn in a number of different ways!

What to expect when wearing linen

Did you know that some of the key benefits of linen are coolness, resilience and longevity as well as Absorbency? Based on, “Linen has a very high moisture absorption rate, making it the ideal summer fabric for hot and humid climates. It’s also hypoallergenic, which means sweat is less likely to break down its fibers.”

So, if you’re hotter than everyone else or need your fabric to be a little more airy, linen could be your best friend. Also? Linen has a good shelf life. Your linen suit will last for many seasons to come with proper care and maintenance!

Do you like the works from this collection? Do you see yourself in a few items from this Universal Standard Linen collection? If so, you can buy it now!

Shop the Global Standard Linen Collection at!

And as with all Universal Standard options, the Universal Standard Linen collection is available in sizes 38-40. For those of you outside the US, international shipping is available!

Fun fact- did you know that Universal Standard uses size 18 as their sample size? “Our sample size is 18, and we design each size from there to ensure a perfect fit for the entire United States.”

What do you think of this linen collection? Are you a fan of linen? We’ve seen you love it or hate it. There is hardly one in between!

Are you ready for these pieces for the spring and summer heat? Let us know what you think about the collection in the comments section below!

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