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Frankie Grande Reflects On The NYC Attack Almost A Year Later!

Frankie Grande serving forgiveness.

The “Big Brother” star recently opened up about the time he was attacked and robbed by two teenagers in New York City.

The attack happened in November 2022 while he was at the Big Apple.

Frankie Grande thinks about being robbed in 2022!

9th Annual Makeup Artist

A 13-year-old and 17-year-old man brutally hit Grande on the head. They proceeded to steal the Broadway star and steal a Louis Vuitton bag filled with his expensive items.

His bag has AirPods, iPhone, wallet and sunglasses. The attack happened around 6pm while he was walking on 8th Avenue between 43rank and 44lame pants Street.

Speaking on the red carpet at the 2023 GLAAD Media Awards, Grande said Page Six“All I can hope and pray is that those who have attacked me get the love and care they need to heal. [to] know that’s not the way they need to live the rest of their lives. I hope they get that.

Grande hopes and prays that his attackers get the love and care they need

quote Spiderman has no way home quote LA movie premiere

Six months after the attack, Grande is now in a vacuum to forgive her attackers. He admits that it took him a while to get to this space.

“Listen, it took me a minute, but this is what I do,” he said Postscript. “I am an alcoholic, I’m awake, and it’s always about showing love and trying to give others in order for you to receive. So yeah, it was hard to feel that way at first, especially about getting hit… it was crazy, I was hit, it was wild… but now I’m in a place where I just want their help help and support they wish they wouldn’t do it to anyone else.

After the attack, Grande was afraid to walk alone.

“I have one of those Birdies [personal safety] alarm to pull it, and it makes a loud sound. He explained that it was a little scary for a while,” he explained, “but I can work, do some therapy, and use this amazing app called Innerworld to deal with it. every hurt… and I feel great again. Safe again on the streets of New York, which I’m grateful for, but yeah, it was a scary moment.”

Brother’s Ariana Grande recently celebrated his first wedding anniversary Hale Leon.

Frankie & Hale Leon Celebrate One Year of Happiness Wedding Day

Frankie Grande and new boyfriend Hale Leon take a walk in New York City

The couple married in a “Star Wars themed wedding celebration on May 4, 2022.

“Marriage is great,” he confided. “We just celebrated our one year anniversary on ‘May the 4 Be With You,’ so we’re going on an anniversary trip this month.”

Before her wedding, the reality TV star was part of a group.

A “group” is defined as a triangle relationship. There are many ways someone can join a group.

In Grande’s case, a couple invited him into their relationship. All three agree on a “closed-door” relationship where they commit to only dating each other.

In 2018, Grande announced he was “the newcomer” to Daniel Sinasohn and Mike Pophis’s relationship.

Grande said Page Six, “It prepared me to be like, ‘You know what? Maybe, I’m just a man.’”

His relationship with Sinasohn and Pophis lasted only four months, but the “Dangerous Force” actor admits he’s grateful for the relationship.

“I’m so grateful for my previous relationship and I think it prepared me for this one, the last one where I got my ring,” he claimed. “I think everything happens for a reason. Now I am a married old man in a monogamous relationship.”

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