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Four men injured in two shootings in Los Angeles overnight

Four men were injured in two separate shootings overnight, one of which occurred after an altercation in front of a large gathering on Hollywood Boulevard, authorities said Saturday.

The first shooting happened around 7:40 p.m. Friday near Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Police said the victim tried to intervene in an altercation between a man and a woman, and was shot by a third person.

Police said the woman involved in the altercation and the gunman fled the scene together. The victim was hospitalized and is now stable.

a witness tell KTLA– TV several dozen people scattered when they heard gunshots.

“About five minutes later, I saw the man being shot,” the witness told KTLA. “He walked from where the Hard Rock Cafe was and all the way to the Metro Red Line station and he was bleeding in the head. Awful.”

The second shooting happened around 3 a.m. Saturday in North Hollywood. Police say a gunman shot dead three men in the 11000 block of Huston Street. Authorities said the men were hospitalized and are now stable.

Police said they believed the shooting was gang-related but did not provide any further details on the suspect or possible motive.

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