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Final Fantasy 16 patch day one is currently not planned

Since the PlayStation 3 generation, updates released on the game’s launch day, often referred to as patches or Day One updates, have become the norm. Sometimes they’re small, killing off some last-minute bugs, but other times they’re huge and almost essential to enjoying the adventure ahead of you.

However, the Day One patches drew criticism from players excited to get in on the action, leaving only a full download bar. Some players with slower internet or limited access may have to wait hours, if not days, depending on download speeds. During my Final Fantasy XVI storytelling tour, I asked the team about their March gold medal achievement and what the team is doing now.

To my surprise, the Creative Business Unit III developer was not working on the day one patch, a revelation that continues to become rarer with each new release in the game. Director Hiroshi Takai gave me a few reasons why.

Final Fantasy XVI director Hiroshi Takai

Final Fantasy XVI director Hiroshi Takai

The first is that the team is confident in the final build of Final Fantasy XVI. The second is that he and producer Naoki Yoshida (and the rest of the CBUIII team) believe the game should be launch-ready, realizing that not everyone has the internet access needed to download the patch. Day one of Final Fantasy XVI released simultaneously worldwide. So right now, we won’t be downloading the big June 22 patch when the game arrives on PlayStation 5.

However, Takai notes that CBUIII is testing the game daily and looking for bugs, and as a result things are subject to change, but right now, just like in the days of old Final Fantasy, this entry should work. completely as expected.

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