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Experience the cabin and escape from Boston – My Bite of Life

I know this post has been around for a while and I apologize for the long break without posting. It can be said at least that 2020 has been a rough year and my husband and I decided to end the year away from technology and into nature. I started college in the fall of 2020 for an MBA and by the end of the semester I was exhausted and ready to spend time away from the computer and I couldn’t be happier. We personally don’t want to fly and travel unless absolutely necessary due to the pandemic and also want to maintain social distancing while enjoying our time off. We went to the Getaway house in late December for three days and two nights and chose Escape from Boston located in New Hampshire. This New Hampshire getaway has it all for us!

The Getaway House is located in various locations around the country such as NYC, Atlanta, Washington DC, Dallas, Houston, LA, Portland, etc. Use this link to get $25 off your stay.

If you’re someone who’s always wanted to try camping and enjoy the outdoors but can’t live without a hot shower or bathroom like me, the getaway experience is the perfect balance that brings out the best of both worlds. world. It offers a comfortable escape with the most relaxing view.

What is a rest house?

For anyone who doesn’t know what a vacation home is, let me explain in simple terms. The rest house is a container converted into a cabin to provide a simplified camping experience even for those with no camping experience. There are several such cabins at each rest site. The different cabins are spread out in wooded areas about 150 feet apart so there’s privacy and no one can see inside your cabin but it’s also not too scary to leave you completely alone. in many acres of wooded area.

One thing I really like is that all of the cabins are named after the staff’s grandparents to honor the service and care they took to ensure we enjoyed a seamless experience. Our cabin name is Rose because it is so beautiful.

Getaway is equipped with what?

The getaway is equipped with all the things we need for your stay and there’s nothing we don’t make it a minimalist yet sublime experience. Don’t be fooled by the small size of the cabin. It contains everything you need to make your stay a lot more enjoyable. It is equipped with AC, heat, AM/FM radio, wireless speakers, toilet, hot shower, private fire pit, grilling area with picnic table and chairs, hob, mini fridge, salt, nuts pepper, olive oil, utensils, a comfortable bed, etc. Check out the full list of what is included in the house. This. We also think the staff is extremely helpful and just a text or call away.

There is no WIFI at the holiday home and limited cell phone service depending on your provider, which forces you to be in nature, enjoy the simple things in life and get some real rest. the. They also provide a box to lock your phone and enjoy without any equipment. We really think this is a blessing after the insane Zoom overdose we got. Zoom fatigue is real, and we can’t think of a better way to turn it off completely. We even put our phones in a box and lock them on the weekends to enjoy some quiet time without distractions. Believe me, you will love it even without WIFI and limited cell phone service sounds difficult at first. They provided some books and games at the cabin and we also took our books to read. It’s a great way to relieve stress at work and separate yourself from the internet.

Safe and secure

Each Getaway home has a digital key on the front door and a unique code texted to us on check-in day with your Cabin name. This allowed us to lock the cabin securely while we explored our surroundings without having to worry about our belongings.

stay option

The Getaway house offers two different types of cabins. One for two (where we stayed) and one that can accommodate up to four (bunk beds), which is a great option for anyone traveling with kids. All cabins have beds right next to the large glass windows so we had the perfect view to wake up to. This is a great experience for anyone who wants to unplug and escape the hustle of everyday life. I think it’s a great place for both solo travelers who love to get inspired by nature and write books, music or whatever creative projects are on their mind.

Waking up in the morning to the perfect view of nature is a surreal experience. We absolutely love the seating area created right next to the window and enjoy sipping hot chocolate and reading a book in the cold. Can’t think of a better way to start the day looking at the snow-covered trees and enjoying nature. Can’t wait to go back and try other Rest Houses at other locations!

What to Pack/Bring?

  1. Bring your favorite games, books, or a creative project you want to work on.
  2. Bring bug spray if you visit during the summer months.
  3. A baking pan is optional.
  4. Baked foods – Corn, strawberries, pineapple, kebab ingredients, paneer/tofu, potatoes, bell peppers, onions, marshmallows, sauces, burgers, Maggi, etc.
  5. Snacks or any other food item.
  6. Wine, champagne or whatever you like to drink.
  7. Hot chocolate.
  8. Comfortable clothes.

There are grocery stores nearby but I highly recommend planning and bringing what you need to save yourself a trip to the grocery store. The cabin also offers a survival kit if you prefer including food options.

Things to do nearby

  1. Blasty Bough Brewing Company – If you want to see some local breweries and try some local beers with beautiful views and live music, check out Blasty Bough Brewing Company. Check link here for all the details.
  2. Pawtuckaway State Park – Located about 30 minutes from the cabin, this state park has hiking trails and rocks to climb. We didn’t do this during our stay but would love to check out another time.

Things to do in Getaway

  1. Movie/game night – We also organized a movie and game night with popcorn and wine which we enjoyed. We took some DVDs of the movies we wanted to watch and the games we loved. This was fun and I don’t remember the last time I used a DVD before this experience. This is a great way to eliminate dependence on Netflix and other streaming services.
  2. Grill outside the cabin – Grilling under the stars, with a fireplace is a perfect way for us to enjoy our nights with great music, wine and food. They gave us a kit to bake marshmallows, we could also make marshmallows to enjoy outside of the fireplace during the cold December. They also provide firewood, lighting materials, lighters, and instructions on how to start a fire. They charge you at the end of your stay for the fuel and fuel you used. This is our first time building a fire and the instructions are easy to follow. We enjoyed grilling kebabs, pineapple, strawberry and marshmallows, corn, paneer (an Indian version of tofu), and grilled s’mores and enjoyed them. We love it so much that we barely use the stovetop to cook even when it’s freezing outside.
  3. walking in the forest – If you don’t feel like going outside, the backyard of the Rest House has walking/hiking trails nearby that you can explore. We enjoyed walking around the nearby trails and collecting the pine cones on the trails for the house.

Highly recommend trying Getaway House for a unique experience and coming home to rejuvenate after the daily stresses of life. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and leave a comment! Use this link to get $25 for your stay

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