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Elijah Wood says Misty and Walter of the Yellowjackets are entering the Dark Territory

Walter is smitten with Misty due to her investigative instincts and their shared love of musicals. When she accused him of being a “Yellow Jacket obsessed,” Walter retorted that he actually thought her 19 months in the wilderness was “the least interesting thing about her. ” Despite this, Misty does not reciprocate Walter’s feelings. She finds him annoying – someone finally makes her feel the way she does with other people.

The most obvious sign that they disagree is when they sign up for a bed and breakfast. The clerk asked if they only wanted one room. Walter replied “Probably” before Misty interrupted him with a firm “No”. So he turned around and agreed with her. As they went upstairs to their private room, she declined his offer to carry her back. However, when they are in their room, the episode splits the screen, showing how their actions mirror each other (such as placing the remote in a plastic bag so that it doesn’t leave a fingerprint). hand).

Will these similarities bring them closer together? Or will Misty decide that Walter is too precise a mirror image to be comfortable with? Before I read Wood’s interview, I didn’t expect Walter to make it out alive – he’s getting dangerously close to the most unstable character in “Yellowjackets.” However, Wood implied that Walter and Misty’s relationship will continue in the past 2nd season.

While he may have just said it to hide the spoilers, I remember one of those Ricci’s previous roles: “The Addams Family.” Morticia and Gomez are two incredibly weird people, but they’re the perfect match for each other. More darkness might be just what Misty and Walter need together.

New episodes of “Yellowjackets” air on Showtime every Friday and air on television every Sunday.

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