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Edifier G5000 gaming speaker review

So these are Edifier or Hecate’s G5000 Gaming speakers, with Hecate being a sub-division of Edifier. First impressions are good, I like the look and feel and I like the feel of the game but I’ve seen these online for around £350, which is pretty high when you think Steelseries Arena 3 costs £130 or £7 cost 300 pounds. Creative and Razor also offer speakers and soundbars for lower prices, so these need to be great to warrant that price point. Let’s have a look.

The speakers are sleek, ultra-modern, tailored to gamers, from the shape, the lines and of course, the built-in RGB. They’re a nice, I’d say, mid-sized, larger than basic PC speakers but not as big as studio monitors or bookshelf speakers. Also, a lot louder than the G2000 speakers I’ve tried before. Roughly speaking, they are about 180 wide, 260 high and 210 deep.

Open the front so you can see the 4-inch tweeter and mid-range driver, there’s no mesh grille and there’s a bass port at the rear. They have satin black finishes on the front and top, with gun metal on the sides, and each speaker rests on four rubber feet. RGB is on the side of each speaker, a thin LED strip from the back, vertically from top to bottom, from front to bottom and then around to the back, creating a 360-degree effect. There are also some words on both sides of each speaker, featuring gaming content, that also glow.

In terms of specs, these are active speakers with a total power output of 88 watts. The right speaker is the main speaker, the left speaker is the auxiliary speaker, and you connect them together via the included speaker wire. Audio inputs include Bluetooth, Aux in, USB, optical and coax. These are certified high-resolution audio, so they allow speeds up to 24bit/192Khz through a device that can deliver that. Bluetooth provides aptX HD, aptX and SBC.

The controls for the speaker are located at the top of the right speaker. These include power on/off, source selection, volume control via rocker switch, mode selection, and RGB selection. Mode selection includes EQ of music, games, and movies. RGB selection includes 11 different modes, color shift, solid color, and effects. I think enough RGB options but can’t modify these and can’t connect these options to your PC to synchronize RGB with PC case RBG or other lights in your room. When selecting a source or mode, you will receive a very interesting voice prompt.


Moving on to the audio performance and I really like them, no doubt about that but having recently used other Edifier speakers, such as the S1000W’s, I’m a bit impressed. As mentioned earlier, there are three audio or EQ modes you can say music, game and movie, and each has a noticeable difference but that’s all that’s available. In any mode, at low to medium volume, it’s enjoyable but lacks bass. When listening to music, I find that I have to turn up the speakers to try to get good bass and then turn it up too loud because my wife and kids will complain. However, there is an option to add a separate subwoofer to these, and I personally feel this is a must, especially if you want a boost when listening to music, playing games, or watching content. . Moving on to the last two, play some Battlefield V, because 2042 is still bad, it’s good and fun, but the explosions are a bit lacking and you can’t pinpoint the accuracy of the footsteps like when using headphones but for casual gaming, they performed well. As for viewing content, I really think this is where the speakers shine and find the experience most enjoyable. I watched some trailers or cinematics and I watched the latest episode of The Mandalorian, in movie mode and I absolutely loved it.


The controls work well, the buttons are easy to use, nothing much, and I usually turn them on, keep them in music mode, and then adjust the volume through my PC. The inputs are great, there’s a lot of flexibility to connect several devices at once, which is a big bonus.

Overall, a nice pair of speakers, especially if you’re looking for that gaming RGB desk setup. Sound quality is good but bass is lacking and you really need a separate subwoofer to take these to the next level. For everyday use, in an office space for casual music or video content or gaming, you shouldn’t be disappointed but if you like bass-heavy things, these are there. may not be for you. If you’re also pretty serious about your gaming, you’ll pick up over-the-ear headphones any day. Also, for the price, I think these are really overpriced for what you get and should be somewhere between £200 and £250, given the competition.

For more information and purchases, go to the official website edit website.

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