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Did Logan really die after collapsing in episode 3?

“Success” did something incredibly bold with this episode, removing an event most shows would take in their final or penultimate episode into the third season of a tenth. practice. That means we still have seven hours left to witness the dysfunction of the Roy family, despite the fact that the abuse, the overwhelming presence that overwhelms the kids is gone. . However, as anyone who has lost a parent can tell you that when a loved one dies, it is sometimes just the beginning of a long struggle between family members over their interests. competitive interests.

Where does “Success” go from here, and how will it fill the rest of the time? The first step would certainly be naming his successor, an obstacle that has always been rife but is particularly complicated at the moment, given how Logan’s relationship with his family has changed day-to-day in the past few years. recently. Dependent when Logan last updated his will (and his power rank), any of his children can be designated as heirs to his throne. When season 4 begins, it’s been a few months since the incident in Tuscany and Logan hasn’t spoken to any of Roy’s siblings – but he is a fan of Tom (Matthew Macfayden). However, Roman (Kieran Culkin) sends him a happy birthday text and quickly ends up faltering in his good-natured kindness.

Except, ironically, it’s possible Logan didn’t appreciate Roman in his final moments. The businessman’s team mentions that he died in the bathroom, phone in hand, which means he likely listened to Roman’s rather important voicemail. While that would be both funny and horrifying for Roman, it doesn’t particularly affect his standing in the company, as Logan didn’t get a chance to tell anyone if his youngest son was. it’s outside.

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