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Diamonds are eternal but are they for everyone? 5 jewelry brands that have the right size

Fashion is not the only thing that needs to be accessible to everyone. Oversized people often have difficulty finding rings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets that fit. Jewelry is usually sold in one size fits all or is offered in only a few size variations. This is where these 5 small size inclusion jewelry brands are making a difference!

This is 5 proper sized jewelry brands to know!

Chouette Design is a woman and LGBTQ-owned, offering a selection of Demi-fine jewelry based in San Diego, CA. The owner, Ashley, designs 100% of the items using precious materials like sterling silver and gold plating. They wear size 4.5-15 rings, size SL bracelets, and 19-20 inch necklaces.

Chouette Designs - jewelry brand that includes size
Image of Chouette design

They also offer custom sections. Ashley said, “I’m tired of not finding rings that fit my size and have to explain to clients that they will be charged more and have to wait longer for rings they can’t even try on. [at a previous employer]. I am proud to say that we have 22 ring sizes in stock.”

With every order, customers get free shipping, perfect bags for travel and protection, and gorgeous packaging.

Zart Global is founded and run by women, started in Sydney, Australia and now has customers around the globe. They specialize in handcrafted, high-quality jewelry made with legally sourced precious metals and gemstones.

Zart Global - jewelry brand that includes size
Global Zart’s image

Zart was founded by Loucineh Mardirossian with the belief that jewelry should be an enjoyable expression of your style and personality and that your size or gender shouldn’t get in the way. They offer jewelry and rings including sizes 5-13 and a wider selection of bracelets and bracelets. Their designs are heavily inspired by Loucineh’s Armenian ancestry and aim for genderlessness.

Hannah Axmacher is the founder and designer of Ethereal Bloom Jewelry, a handmade and sustainable business based in New York City. Using recycled metals and semi-precious stones, the designs are inspired by nature.

Ethereal Bloom Jewelry - brands include size
Pictures of Ethereal Bloom jewelry

Their size included jewelry offers us rings in sizes 1-15, necklaces 14-18 inches and custom pieces. Hannah said, “Including size is one of the most important parts of my business because I believe everyone deserves to wear jewelry that makes them feel confident!”

Nature’s Twist was founded by Megan and Alan Carlisle, starting at Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA with a love of wire and gem sculpture. Their electroplated jewelry is made of one-of-a-kind natural gemstones.

Nature's Twist - jewelry brand that includes size
Pictures of Nature’s Twist

According to Megan, “Nature’s Twist is a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, sized right for the one-of-a-kind. We are gay-owned and passionate about gems, design and human rights.”

Not only are their products available online, but customers can also shop through the Instagram live sale or in person at their Seattle, WA location! Nature’s Twist wants to make sure that they offer crystals or accessories that customers are happy with. The crystals and gems used are carefully selected and sourced with the highest possible ethical standards.

Allison handmade all the jewelry for Golden Stone Jewelry at her home studio in Virginia Beach, VA. Chains offered are up to 30 inches in length, bracelets up to 10 inches, and anklets up to 12 inches.

Gold Stone Jewelry - jewelry brand by size
Image by Gold Stone Jewelry

Each piece is made from 14K gold-coated materials and is built to withstand the frenzy of everyday life. That means every product is 100% nickel-free and great for people with sensitive skin!

Allison said, “When I started Golden Stone, it was not a question of me offering a variety of lengths and sizes for all of my pieces. For me, it’s important to create beautiful essentials that make you feel like you’re getting a custom piece that fits you beautifully for a fraction of the price. Our favorite jewelry holds a special place in our lives and hearts and I want anyone who comes across my pieces to feel cared for and appreciated.”

What do you think of the 5 jewelry brands that include sizes that we have featured? Are you familiar with them? If you have searched plus ring sizeadditional bracelets or jewelry to meet your accessory needs, we hope these 5 will help you on your personal style journey!

Let us know what you think about these five in the comments section below!

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